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Made from 100% Recycled Paperboard
Lightweight | Innovative | Recyclable
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Biodegradable | Eco-friendly | Made from By-Products
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Our Services

We are a full-service outlet for all your packaging needs!

We supply innovative packaging solutions for a variety of industries, including
canned and bottled beverages, food, retail, and nutraceuticals.


We sleeve cans, bottles, and containers, in-house, on our high-speed sleeving line. 

In-House Design

Our talented graphic design team will guide you through the design process to ensure your packaging stands out against the competition.

In-House Labelling

We provide in-house labelling services on any shape, size, and style of packaging, using the best application method for the product.

In-House Digital Printing

We produce exceptional print quality on corrugated packaging using our high-quality flatbed printer.

Logistics & Fulfillment
We operate as a fulfillment centre and manage cross country shipping, directly from our facility.

We offer storage solutions, inventory management, as well as just-in-time delivery.

Manufacturers of the KB Bottle

We manufacture the KB Bottle, in-house on the world’s first Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine (FBAM1).


We provide co-packing services for products like variety packs and multipacks.

Our Mission

As leaders in sustainable packaging, we strive to be a full-service outlet that offers innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions to a variety of markets, while delivering exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing a family-first culture to our team, and to continue to support our communities.

Why Choose Kinsbrae?

Our teams expertise comes from over 35 years of packaging experience, 40 years of print and colour experience, and 20 years of experience in the beverage industry.
We deliver exceptional customer service by going beyond the traditional packaging supplier, offering a full solution to all your packaging needs.
We are committed to provide our clients with the best value and the most cost-effective packaging solutions to suit your needs.

About Us

Kinsbrae Packaging is a full-service outlet for sustainable, custom, and premium packaging that helps builds brands. We serve customers in the food, wine, spirits, beer, retail, and nutraceutical sectors, providing a full range of packaging solutions, including boxes, cans, labels, sleeves, trays, and more. We engineer custom solutions, and support our clients with inventory management, providing delivery on a just-in-time bases. We are always on the lookout for the next eco-friendly and innovative packaging solutions for our customers.

Our Markets

We are a full-service provider of packaging solutions that will help your canned beverages stand out against the rest.
We are driven by an innovative spirit blended with hand-crafted sensibility for all your bottled beverage needs.
We are passionate about providing efficient, sustainable, and innovative packaging solutions for the food and retail industries.
We offer a full range of sustainable and food-safe packaging solutions for all your health and wellness products.

Meet the FBAM1

Located in Cambridge, Ontario.

This is the world’s first Frugal Bottle Machine.
We manufacture the KB Bottle in-house, using 100% recycled paperboard.

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