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Our Services

We are your go-to supplier for any size or shape of sleeve, from 250mL cans to Crowlers. We print and apply sleeves in-house on our high-speed sleeving line.
Custom Printing
We offer custom, state-of-the-art digital printing, packaging, labelling, and sleeving technology that can accommodate a wide range of sizes and materials.
In-House Design
Offering leading-edge technology and expert design services, we deliver custom, eye-catching designs, and retail ready packaging that stands out on any shelf.
Our 44,000 square foot facility provides a solution to better serve our customers by offering inventory management and providing just-in-time delivery.
In-House Labelling
We offer 100s of stock choices in any shape, size, or style. Our digital-printing process ensures labels are made to exact specifications and eliminates material waste.

Our Mission

As leaders in sustainable packaging, we strive to be a full-service outlet that offers innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions to a variety of markets, while delivering exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing a family-first culture to our team and to continue to support our communities.

Why Choose

  • compentent-prof
    Competent Professionals
    We have over 35 years of packaging experience, 40 years of print and colour experience, plus 20 years of experience in the beverage industry.
  • Superior
    Superior Service
    We go beyond the traditional packaging supplier with relentless focus on providing our customers with what they need as a full solution.
  • Competitive
    Competitive Pricing
    We are committed to providing clients with the best value and most cost-effective packaging options that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our Markets

  • beer
    Canned Beverages
    We are your one-stop shop for packaging that helps your beer, ready-to-drink, cider, sparkling water, and mead stand out.
  • wine
    Bottled Beverages
    We are driven by an innovative spirit blended with hand-crafted sensibility for all your wine and spirit needs.
  • food
    Food & Retail
    We are passionate about providing efficient, sustainable, and innovative packaging solutions for the food retail industry.
  • Nutraceutical
    We offer a full range of food-safe packaging options for the health and wellness industry.

About Us

With our unique expertise, KinsBrae Packaging is a one-stop shop for high performance, premium packaging that builds brands. We serve customers in the food, wine and spirits, beer, and nutraceutical sectors, providing a full range of packaging solutions, including boxes, labels, sleeving and more. We also engineer custom solutions and support our clients with inventory management, providing delivery on a just-in-time basis.

KinsBrae Packaging goes beyond the traditional packaging supplier with relentless focus on providing our customers what they need as a full solution. We are always considering ways to improve our customers revenues and improve their brand.

Let’s work together!

Please contact us! We would be happy to have one of our product experts answer any questions you may have about how our products and services can help your business.

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