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When looking for the perfect wine or craft beer, it is the label that should first attract your attention. Labels have always been an important marketing tool, but in recent years they’ve become an art form, incorporating amazing colours and designs

They tell your brand’s story in a way that appeals to buyers. Businesses are beginning to understand the need to compete on this level to sell their goods. Kinsbrae Packaging is your source for quality branding options. Our poly labels and innovative spirit is breaking new ground in the packaging industry and in the marketplace.

Originality &

Labels often offer the first impression of your product and can allow it to stand out among others. For example, an imaginatively designed wine label is noticed out of hundreds of choices on a stacked shelf. A label on a single bottle of wine has the potential to reach many new customers. Great looking labels also often make your product into a collectable, which people display as artistic memorabilia to recall certain events. Our poly labels will last for years to come. The vibrant colours and sharp finishes—matte, glossed and metalized among others—won’t lose their beauty or rich detail. Labels with bold graphics, fonts, colours and textures are how people initially see and experience products and then become customers.

Why choose us?

We offer high-quality printing and products because we made an investment in state-of-the-art technology.
Quick Turnaround-
Most of what we do is done in-house which makes turnaround times quicker and the entire process from start to finish is efficient and eco-friendly
Full Spectrum
of Products
We have hundreds of label stocks to choose from. We also offer other products such as tapes and wraps, custom boxes, sleeves, and a variety of plastic packaging and more!

Durable &

A durable label is important for product sales and visibility. Our poly labels are made to withstand changes in moisture and temperature. Your brand information is always recognizable, even under the demands of different environments. This Labels are 100% weatherproof, Resistant to fading, Resilient against discolouration, and Tearproof. We also make labels of all different sizes, thicknesses and finishes to meet customer expectations.
What we can Offer you
Kinsbrae brings it all together in a one-stop-shop to give customers the best in original designs and premium products. We provide more than exceptional packaging; we provide solutions. Businesses appreciate the seamless and dependable service delivery we offer. Our efficient digital-printing process includes inexpensive proofs and low-quantity trials that allow us to get labels done to exact specifications while eliminating material waste.

Our packaging specialty areas include wine and spirits, beer, food and nutraceuticals. We bring fresh ideas to the table and provide tailored branding strategies while aiming to improve our customer’s revenue through brand enhancement and recognition.

A Company with
Innovation in Mind

Kinsbrae Packaging reaches beyond the traditional ideas of packaging to give our customers superior product solutions to meet their unique requirements. We believe in driving the path of purchase by making products visually appealing to consumers, instead of just being identifiable. Contact us to learn more about our products and our innovative packaging concepts.

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