Tag Stock

Durable | Customizable
Create a durable tag to display your product information or branding on your products. Tag stock, also known as hang tags, allow you to create a simple, attractive advertising strategy for displaying your information on your products. Explore how we can make and customize tag stock for your company and why KinsBrae Packaging is a leading option for all your packaging and needs. Don’t settle for generic or environmentally harmful packaging, but choose a better way with KinsBrae.

Benefits of Tag Stock

Hang tags are a popular solution to adding advertising information on your products. Here are some benefits you can expect when you include hang tags on your products in a retail setting:
At KinsBrae Packaging, we use adhesive to connect hang tags. Unlike stapled tags, this means they are safer for use where children or pets may be exposed to the tags.
Memorable showcase
display information
A hang tag is a popular and eye catching addition to your products. Instead of wrapping up a product in excess packaging, a simple hang tag offers a subtle, yet effective, advertisement.
Don’t add unnecessary packaging, but invest in recyclable, environmentally conscious tag stock for your products.
Create your own shape, size, material and colour of hang tags for all of your products. Work with our team for completely customizable options for all of your various retail store offerings.
Not all tag stock companies offer these benefits. For leading advertisements created in an environmentally friendly way, KinsBrae Packaging is a leading choice for small and large order production. If you aren’t satisfied with your current tag stock, or if you wish to update your advertising strategy and connect with customers through eye-catching tags, it’s time to order custom tag stock.

How Tag
Stock Is Made

It starts with a simple piece of material and an advertising goal. You can choose between various plastic, cardboard and paper products for your particular hang tags. Next, your company information is printed on the tag. Hang tags can be used to promote a sale item, promote your brand name or display essential information about a particular product.

Once the tag is created, it’s folded in half and connected with a heavy-duty adhesive. Doubled tag stock makes it a durable display piece that promotes your quality product. They’re commonly used in apparel marketing, but you can easily attach them to virtually any product.

Tag stock can be personalized. Unlike packaging products, which can come in both custom and general dimensions, hang tags are manufactured and printed specifically for your purpose. Be sure you choose a manufacturer that offers the widest selection of tag material, dimensions and printing runs to accommodate your current and future business size.

Our tag stock offers a compelling way to advertise your products. Browse our products to see how we can help you improve your packaging with the same environmentally friendly goals. Our packaging can help you stand out in a retail store or safely ship your e-commerce offerings to your customers.

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