We offer a unique approach to build your brand!
Sleeves are a durable and fully customizable option to market your bottles and cans. They offer a 360° area for advertising so you can design your product to stand out amongst the rest! Sleeves are ideal for small, medium, or large runs, and are custom-made to fit any size bottle or can. Our sleeves come with a high slip coating to eliminate friction on canning lines.

Why are Sleeves a
Smart Choice?

Low Minimums
No Minimums
There are no
minimums on sleeves
for our customers.
In-House Services
We take care of proof preparation and printing
Our sleeves are
custom-made to fit your
product perfectly.
Lead Times
We provide industry
leading turnaround
Sleeves are extremely
durable and can withstand
any environment.
Print Options
We provide digital and
flexo printed options for
your sleeves.
In-House Design
Our in-house designer is
available to help customize
your sleeves.
Our warehouse program is designed to reduce
costs and stock outs.

Sleeved Cans

Whether you produce coffee, cider, beer, wine, or sparkling water, our sleeves provide your product with just the right fit. Sleeves are customized to fit every size can, from 250mL, to 355mL sleek/standard, to 473mL, to 500mL, to Crowlers. Our sleeves are extremely durable, making them an ideal choice for dry, cold, wet, or hot environments. We apply all sleeves in-house on our state of-the-art, high-speed sleeving line, which can sleeve up to 600 cans per minute! 

Need Cans?

We stock millions of silver bullet cans at our warehouse,
and we provide on-time delivery!

Sleeved Bottles

360° design capabilities
Give your products the professional edge you are looking for with custom-made bottle sleeves. Our bottle sleeves offer 360° of advertising space, giving you plenty of space for an ingredient list, nutritional facts, your company’s story, and artwork. Sleeves will stay put in any environment; cold, heat, and condensation will not damage the surface or warp your design. Best of all, our sleeves are entirely customizable and are designed to fit any shape or size bottle. We want to help you take your bottled products to the next level by helping you create an eye-catching and innovative design that will have customers reaching for more!

Sleeve Design

Our goal is to supply you with the ultimate sleeve design for your products. We offer a multitude of options to ensure your product is the most attention-grabbing item on the shelf!
Metallic | Matte | Gloss | Spot Matte | Spot Gloss

Custom Sleeves

Custom sleeves are great for many different products, such as wine and spirits, sauces
and oils, supplements, plastic bottles, jars, tubs, and so much more!

Over Sleeving

Stuck with extra cans from a previous run? No problem! We can over sleeve your extra cans, helping to minimize losses and cut back on waste. Over sleeving can be applied to printed or sleeved cans.

Contact us to learn more about our over sleeving process!

Digital vs Flexo Printing

We print our sleeves using either digital or flexo printing. Both methods of printing have their own advantages. Digitally printed sleeves have shorter lead times and use CMYK values for bright and colourful sleeves. Flexo printing is a cost-effective option for larger print runs and uses pantone colours.

We can also convert in-house to the closest available colour, if needed.

Let’s Work Together!

Contact us to discuss the best sleeve option for your product! We look forward to collaborating with you on your next sleeving project!