Skid Wraps

When your company has invested energy, time and money into creating a superior product, the last thing you need is to see it all go down the drain because a shipment does not arrive at its destination intact. Preparing goods for transport is the final step in the manufacturing process, but it is a critical one. It doesn’t matter how well your employees wrap those skids if the material doesn’t hold.

Protect Your Product

Kinsbrae Packaging recognizes how important it is to protect your products during transport. Whether your goods are packaged in glass, aluminum or cardboard, the potential for damage on the journey from your facility to the final destination is high. While you can’t control everything that could go wrong during shipment, you can make sure that your products are tightly secured on their pallets.

When you want to make sure that your skids are wrapped up tight, you need a high-quality plastic wrap that won’t come off until you want it to. Kinsbrae is here to meet your needs, so we offer a wide variety of options to give you the flexibility to choose what works for your shipments.

As with all of our products, we have created our skid wrap with our customers in mind. We offer durable wrap in a variety of gauges and sizes. Choose any combination of roll size and plastic strength that you need to ensure your shipment stays wrapped up tight for the duration of the trip, whether it is headed just across town or to the other side of the world.

the Waste

Waste is such a waste! You want the final stage of the manufacturing process to be just as efficient as every other point along the way. If the plastic tears when a pallet is being wrapped, it is a waste of material as well as time and money. Staff have to use extra plastic to get the job done, which costs your business more money because of the additional time and material it takes to complete the task. There is another big concern that comes from producing additional waste. Plastic is a necessity in our world, especially when it comes to commerce. There is currently no better way to protect goods during transport than to secure skids with plastic wrap but reducing the amount of plastic that is wasted is good for your bottom line, and it is also good for the environment. Any step we can all take to reduce plastic waste is a step in the right direction.
Our customers have relied on us for high-quality, customized products since 2013. The foundation of our company is built on the idea that our customers’ needs come first. In partnering with small- to medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations, we have developed expertise in providing solutions for a wide range of packaging needs.

Kinsbrae Packaging believes that building your brand doesn’t stop with the production of a superb product. Details are important, from the packaging and labels you choose all the way to the presentation of your products when they arrive at their destination. Secure your shipments well to make sure that your goods arrive in top condition. Contact our customer service representative at (519)800-3521 to place your quality skid wrap order today!

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