Rigid Plastic

Create a packaging solution that fits your product and helps it stand out on the shelf. Whether you’re selling online or in a retail environment, rigid plastic packaging by KinsBrae Packaging offers you the opportunity to package and market your products the right way. Learn more about our custom rigid plastic offerings before requesting a quote for your products.

Features of
Rigid Plastic

Typically made with either high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, tubs and food containers offer a number of benefits for consumer packaging. These materials are used to make 5-gallon buckets, crates and other containers, so you can be confident they’ll withstand shipping and being stocked on a retail shelf.

All of our rigid plastic products are tailored to your industry. Containers for food products require strict quality control standards, so we work with the utmost care to offer you nothing but the best in plastic designs and manufacturing quality. We’re capable of both small and large batch orders and are confident we can deliver what you need.

Key Features Of Our Rigid Plastic Products

Durable Design
Select the optimal thickness of plastic to protect your items. Create a safe seal for food items or secure heavy items in a sturdy container. Reliably rigid plastic holds its shape to prevent crushed items, spilled liquids and other hazards of shipping and stocking.
Flexible Labelling
At KinsBrae Packaging, we use two types of labelling for your items: injection mould labels or pressure-sensitive labels. Both allow you to create an eye-catching product that fits your branding and creates a memorable impression.
Customizable Size and Shape
Rigid plastic is a versatile product that can be made in virtually any size, shape and thickness. Discuss your product specifications with our team and we’ll work with you to create iconic packaging dimensions or supply you with industry-standard dimensions.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional packaging and products are a growing trend throughout the world. As a company, we are committed to sustainable manufacturing and environmentally conscious products. There are two key ways that we create eco-friendly packaging:
Recyclable materials
Recycling is a leading way to prevent plastic waste. Our rigid plastic products are capable of being recycled at participating locations, which prevents them from being sent to a landfill or contaminated the world’s water system.
Reusable designs
Many food containers, 5-gallon buckets and other products make excellent storage products for your customers. Design a resealable lid and advertise your product as a reusable container to promote eco-conscious habits.
See for yourself how we promote environmental awareness in our company. Discuss the impact of your packaging decision and navigate your options with our team to promote your products in a responsible, effective way.
Rigid plastic is just a single offering in our extensive catalogue of effective packaging products. Request a quote today to see how our team at KinsBrae Packaging can transform your packaging and advertising strategy to grow your business. Find out how we continue to offer affordable products at excellent manufacturing standards to our customers, both small and large.

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