250mL | Aluminum| Bottle

Our PortaVino™ 250mL aluminum wine bottle is a unique and innovative solution to wine packaging that will be sure to set you apart from the competition! These endlessly recyclable wine bottles will not break and offer a lightweight, resealable packaging solution that your customers will appreciate. The aluminum packaging increases the shelf life while keeping the wine fresh and maintaining exceptional flavour and quality.

Benefits of the PortaVino™
Aluminum Wine Bottle


The PortaVino™ is shatterproof and can be taken anywhere glass
cannot go!

Optimal Size

One-third the volume of standard bottles, this compact bottle is the perfect serving size.


The PortaVino™ is resealable, transportable, and fits easily into a bag, or backpack.

Premium Shelf Appeal

High-end look and feel with endless possibilities for custom sleeving.

eco, heart

Aluminum is recyclable and efficient to ship, lowering your costs and your carbon footprint.


A food-safe acrylic coating inside the bottle is specifically formulated to keep wine fresh.

Designing your PortaVino™ Bottle

The PortaVino™ aluminum bottle provides 360° of branding space by adding a custom sleeve. Sleeves are durable and can withstand any environment they might endure. Water, ice, cold, or warm temperatures, your label will stay put and will not be affected. Plus, our in-house designer is available to help design your custom sleeve!

Where Glass
Can’t Go

Where can you take the PortaVino™
aluminum wine bottle?




Golf Courses



Let’s Work

At Kinsbrae Packaging our goal is to provide packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly, innovative, and customizable. Contact us today to learn more about the PortaVino™ Aluminum Wine Bottle! We also offer 250mL sleek cans, sleeving, and various box options.

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