Plastic Boxes

As a business owner, you understand that packaging is just as important as the product itself. In addition to being of adequate size and material, your package needs to set your product apart from the competition. At Kinsbrae Packaging, years of experience have taught us that there are several ways to accomplish this goal, including package design, shape and even the materials themselves. Having started out as a plastic supplier, this is one material in which we place a lot of faith.

Showcase Your Products In Plastic Boxes

When many people think of plastic containers, they think of tubs and tubes. However, at Kinsbrae Packaging, we think outside the box. One result of our innovation is our clear plastic box, which allows customers to showcase their products through the packaging itself. If your product boasts a showstopping feature or is something new entirely, or if you simply want to set yourself apart from the competition by being wholly transparent in your marketing, our plastic boxes are the perfect way to accomplish your objectives. While you can use your plastic boxes to house a variety of objects, below are a few examples of products that do well in these containers:

  • Wrapping paper
  • String lights
  • Cooking gadgets
  • Small toys
  • Baking accents
  • Home décor items

Our plastic boxes are durable and designed to protect the products they house from the elements and other environmental factors. They are also weatherproof and designed to keep out damaging moisture.

Fulfill All Your Plastic Packaging
Needs With Kinsbrae

From bags to buckets, and from large containers to small, there is no tub type that our packaging company doesn’t manufacture. Our clients, which we are proud to say hail from a variety of industries, trust us to meet their unique plastic packaging needs. Below are the top types of containers we regularly produce:
Buckets and Pails
From food-grade tubs to chemical-safe buckets, we have the capabilities to produce oversized containers for a variety of products and uses. Our buckets and pails are stackable, come with handles and are available in a variety of colours.
From yogurt to sour cream and tile grout to wax, we manufacture small tubs for personal-sized amounts of product and in various grades.
Blown Plastic
Blown plastic comes in various shades and is available in an almost unlimited variety of sizes and shapes. Blown plastic is a low-cost option and offers versatility in terms of design, function and finish.
Injection Mould
Do you need a custom shaped container with complex details and ridges? Our highly automated processes can help you bring your vision to life in a cost-efficient way.
Rigid Plastic
These heavy-duty and durable containers are designed to contain dense and harder-to-hold substances. We have the technological capabilities to adorn them with design through either pressure-sensitive labels or injection mould labels.
Plastic Bags
From retail bags to bags for promotional purposes, we produce bags in hundreds of sizes, shapes and thicknesses. Customize your bags with your unique logo, seasonal designs and personalized messages.
Are you in the market for custom packaging that meets all your containment and marketing needs? If so, reach out to our supply company to learn more about our products or to request a quote today.

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