Plastic Bags

Give your customers a memorable memento from your store with stunning plastic bags. Work with KinsBrae Packaging to transform functional bags into stylish branding opportunities. Explore the features of our custom bags today to see how you can elevate your offerings and promote your business.

Features of KinsBrae Plastic Bags

We use the same innovative technology as our other plastic products to create custom bags for your business. Carrying bags give your customers a convenient way to transport items while promoting your company. They’re used in retail stores, restaurants and other facilities where customers may need to carry items.

We offer these custom features and work closely with you to create a product you’re proud to call your own. Whether you need a small batch of reusable bags or a bulk order of branded plastic bags, we offer the services you need at competitive prices.

Promote Your Brand

Take the next step in growing your business. Use eco-conscious strategies and dynamic branding solutions to attract more customers and serve those you already have. KinsBrae Packaging works with large, medium and small businesses with a wide range of batch sizes. Get a quote today to see why we’re a leader in affordable, reliable plastic bags and other packaging products for your business.

Key Features Of Our Plastic Bags

Iconic Branding
Personalize the colour and logo of your bags for free advertising. Work with our design team to make a bag that your customers are proud to carry with them on their downtown stroll.
Convenient Size
Plastic bags come in a wide range of shapes and dimensions. Consider your retail items, common purchases and other factors to create a bag and handle dimensions that make shopping at your store a comfortable experience.
Quality Designs
There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable handle or a weak plastic bag. Choose quality materials and functional designs with our team at KinsBrae Packaging.

Environmentally Friendly Features

Plastic bags have an unfortunate reputation as being environmentally unfriendly. Dispel the rumours and transform the reputation of this packaging through these eco-friendly strategies. The main disadvantages of plastic bags are that they are single-use and that they are difficult to recycle, both of which you can overcome with our plastic bag features:
Recyclable Materials
We don’t just work with plastic, but have many recycled resin and compostable options available for your bag designs. Create a product that uses recycled materials and can be easily recycled again to avoid waste.
Reusable Bags
Thick, high-quality plastic bags don’t need to be recycled after one use. If you work with our designers to create bags out of quality materials, your customers will be happy to reuse your plastic bags.
The environmentally friendly nature of plastic bags depends on your local recycling laws and recycling station availability. Discuss your options with our team and with your customers to arrive at a responsible solution for the growing issue of plastic waste. Be a part of the solution with recycled items that are easy to use again or recycle in your area.

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