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Paper labels have been around for centuries, becoming self-adhesive in 1935. They’re still the least expensive labeling material available. But today’s paper labels definitely aren’t the traditional, bland and boring ones that adorned the products and supplies with which your parents and grandparents used regularly.

Paper Stocks

Many of the papers we carry are designed for specific end products. For instance, our wine labels use a specialty paper. Today, you can choose from an almost endless variety of paper stocks, including the following:


We use a number of finishing techniques that will make your paper labels really stand out from those of your competitors. Each of these can transform the look and feel of your paper labels:

Durable &

The one possible downside to paper labels is that they aren’t waterproof. They therefore have the potential to wrinkle, tear or come loose over time. Not surprisingly, when an ordinary paper becomes saturated with water, it loses most of its original dry-strength properties. However, we can provide you with wet strength papers that possess properties allowing them to resist wetness and retain up to 50% of their dry strength after full immersion in water.

Paper Weight
& Thickness

You also need to consider the weight and thickness of the paper you use for your labels. Many people believe that using a heavier paper conveys the quality of the products your labels are on. This can help sell your products to new customers.

Paper comes in two basic thicknesses: text and cover. The lighter weight text papers are not suitable for labels due to their thinness and tendency for tearing. Cover stock, on the other hand, is made of paper that’s heavier and thicker than its text counterparts. Sometimes called card stock, its greater rigidity makes it more durable. At its heaviest, cover/card stock has a weight and thickness similar to the paper used to construct cereal boxes.

We carry a wide range of paper weights and thicknesses and can also, if required, custom order paper for your labels.

Why use Labels?

Bottom line, your labels give your potential customers their first impression of your company and the products you sell. The value of a stunning first impression is almost beyond measure. Our world-class designers, combined with our state-of-the-art technology, will ensure that your labels tell your products’ stories in the most beautiful, unique and eye-catching ways. Not only can the labels we produce for you help you attract new customers, they can help you keep them coming back.

Contact Kinsbrae today. We’re your one-stop shop with the expertise to meet all your beer, wine, spirits, food and nutraceutical labeling needs.

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