The Paper Bottle

Innovative | Sustainable | Recyclable

The Paper Bottle is the world’s first and only commercially available wine, spirits, and olive oil bottle, made from recycled paper!

Paper Bottles are made from 94% recycled paperboard and include a food grade pouch inside. These bottles are five times lighter than glass, have six times lower carbon footprint, and provides 360-degrees of branding space. This innovative packaging technology offers a disruptive and revolutionary alternative to glass.

Why Choose the Paper Bottle

We are the first in the world to invest in the Frugal Bottle Assembly Machine and the only supplier in North America.
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The Paper Bottle’s carbon footprint is up to 84% lower than glass and uses 77% less plastic than a recycled plastic bottle.
No More Breakage
Paper Bottles are shatterproof, cutting down on losses from breakage, and allowing the bottle to go anywhere glass cannot.
Efficient Shipping
The Paper Bottle is 5 times lighter than glass, allowing for increased heights and quantities on a pallet, fitting more on a truck.
Less Packaging​

No dividers are needed, and smaller boxes means less packaging, lowering your carbon footprint, and your overall costs.

360° Design ​

The recycled paperboard allows for 360° branding across the bottle. No other wine or spirit bottle looks or feels like it.


Paper Bottles are made of 94% recycled paperboard and are easily recycled in your paper bin when pulled apart.

Protects Against UV

The Paper Bottle provides an effective barrier against UV light, helping to preserve the products quality. 


Wine | Spirits | Olive Oil

Are you concerned about the size of your company’s carbon footprint? Do you want to invest in sustainable wine, spirit, and olive oil packaging that will make your products more appealing to consumers? Do you want to feel better about your company’s values? We can help you achieve your company’s sustainability goals! Kinsbrae Packaging is the North American producer of the new and innovative Paper Bottle. Contact us to learn more!

How to Recycle

1. Split the bottle in half by pushing on the pre-labelled spot.

2. Remove the food grade pouch from inside.

3. Place the food grade pouch into the plastics bin (where applicable).

4. Place the paperboard into the paper/cardboard bin.

You’re all done!

how to recycle

Design Advantages

One of the major benefits of Paper Bottles is the ease of customization, and we are happy to help you design packaging that meets your company’s unique needs. We want to help you create a branding strategy that takes your company to the next level, and we believe the Paper Bottle can help you accomplish your marketing goals. Our design team is standing by to help you create a unique, 360° Paper Bottle, that will impress your customers and drive sales.

In-House Design
Whether you are transferring a design or starting from scratch, our design team can help create your brand-new bottle!
Full Coverage Design
No more labels that only cover 20%-50% of your bottle. With the Paper Bottle you can have print from top to bottom!
Full Colour
We offer full colour print, from digital CMYK to PMS colours. Bright or traditional colours, the choice is yours!
Stands Out
No more boring labels! With the Paper Bottle, your designs are sure to stand out, making your product the most eye-catching item on the shelf!

Where can I take
the Paper Bottle?

Take the Paper Bottle with you anywhere that glass can’t go!

Paper Bottles are lightweight and shatterproof, making them safe for beaches, parks, sitting poolside, on the golf course, in a spa, or on a camping trip. Plus, the liquid inside is protected by a food safe pouch, so even if your bottle gets wet, the product inside is protected. Paper Bottles are versatile and easy to pack for any occasion!

Try Paper
Bottles Today!

As the only producer of Paper Bottles in North America, we are proud to add the Paper Bottle to our lineup of sustainable packaging solutions. Making the switch from glass containers to Paper Bottles is easy when you work with Kinsbrae Packaging! If you are ready to make your business eco-friendlier and more sustainable, contact us for more information about our unique and innovative Paper Bottles. 

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