Bring your product to life with a custom label!

Labels deliver a unique and eye-catching solution for any product. No matter what you produce or package, labels are a key element of your company’s marketing. We offer a variety of label options to suit any industry, product, run size, and budget.  

Why Choose Kinsbrae
for Your Labels?

Lead Times

We offer industry leading turnaround times.

Low Minimums
Low Minimums

Our minimums are only 100 labels per sku.

Cost Savings

We have hundreds of label dies created in-house.

In-House Services

We offer in-house application of labels.

Strong Adhesive

Label adhesives range from low grade to high grade to freezer grade.

High Quality Print

Our state-of-the-art technology prints high quality labels.

In-House Design

Our in-house designer is available to help customize your labels.


Custom sizing is available to fit your product perfectly.

Label Design

In-House | Design | Press Proofs | Colour Matching
Grabbing the consumer’s attention can be tough, especially with so much competition on the shelves. A label can draw a customer to a product and create a first impression. Our design experts are here to create strategically designed and custom-made labels that will help your product stand out against the rest!
We offer press proofs or printed samples prior to the run to ensure the colour and stock are accurate. We also have hundreds of label dies created in-house, which means there are no tooling costs if you fall within one of these sizes. In addition, we can recommend the closest size label to match an existing die to help save costs!

Label Embellishments

Embellishments increase the visual aesthetics of a label, creating a
high-end look for increased value to the consumer. Embossing and
debossing create a raised or lowered effect on a label, while metallic and
holographic foil stamping creates an elegant and eye-catching design.
Raised varnish provides an extra layer of protection to the label, while
enhancing the design visually. We also offer die cutting, which custom
cuts labels in any shape or size.

These labels provide a smooth surface for printing
high-quality images, they are water resistant, flexible, and can
tolerate low temperatures. Polypropylene labels are an economical option that is ideal for indoor use.
Heat resistant, moisture resistant, tearproof, and ideal for
both indoor and outdoor applications. PET labels are durable
and can last for many years.
Vinyl labels are made of nonporous plastic to give you
superior durability that is unaffected by moisture. Vinyl can
stand up to chemicals and high temperatures and it
performs well outdoors.

Stocks: Metallic | Holographic | Clear | Matte | Gloss | + More
Finishes: Gloss | Matte | Die Cutting | + More

Paper Labels

Paper labels come in a wide range of stocks and finishes. Paper weight and thickness will help transform the look and feel of your paper labels. Since Paper labels are not water resistant, they have the potential to tear, wrinkle, or come loose over time. However, we can provide you with wet strength papers that possess properties allowing them to resist wetness and retain up to 50% of their dry strength after full immersion in water. 

Stocks: Linen | Bright White Felt | Natural Felt | Recycled | + More
Finishes: Embossing | Debossing | Foiling | Raised Varnish | Die Cutting | + More

We Believe in Quality

We believe that a label should reflect the product inside and having hundreds of label options to choose from will
help you achieve this goal. What you produce or package and the industry that you sell your products in will
determine the type of label you need. We will ensure your product can endure its living conditions, whether it is wet,
dry, hot, or cold, we have an option that will hold up in any environment.

Tag Stock

Tag stock is used to create a durable and attractive hang tag to display your products information and branding. Hang tags provide an environmentally friendly option as they are recyclable, and they help reduce the amount of packaging being used. They are completely customizable, you choose the shape, size, material, and colours to create your one-of-a-kind hang tag!
Stocks: Cardboard | Paper | Plastic
Finishes: Matte | Gloss | Semi-gloss | + More
Thermal Transfer
Thermal transfer is a printing method where a specially designed printer applies heat to the wax and resin on its ribbon before transferring them onto a label specifically designed to absorb the heated materials. This process produces a label that resists scratching and lasts much longer than regular labels. We can provide you with multicoloured printing and can detail your labels.

Stocks: Paper | Plastic | Polyester
Finishes: Matte | Gloss | Semi-gloss | + More

Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure sensitive labels are applied using pressure to form a bond between the adhesive and the product. They do not require any heat, water, or solvent to adhere to the product. They work with almost any type of container, making them an ideal choice for most industries.

Stocks: Foil | Paper | Film | + More
Finishes: Matte | Gloss | Semi-gloss | Embossing | Foiling | + More

Print Options

We provide digitally printed or flexo printed labels. Digital printing offers shorter lead times and smaller minimum order quantities, where Flexo is more cost-effective for larger print runs. Digital printing uses CMYK values while flexo uses pantone colours. We can also convert in house to the closest available colour if needed. Both printing methods can be great options depending on the run size and the style of your labels. We will work with you to determine your best option!

Let’s Work Together!

We want to help you create the most impressive label on the shelf! Contact us to learn
more about the extensive label options that we offer. We can also help with shipping
boxes, carriers, and boxboard packaging solutions.

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