Injection Moulds

Your company works hard at creating a name for itself with the products you sell. Why skimp when it comes to your packaging? No longer are you limited to the same, basic container shapes that have been around since the beginning of mass production time. You have the freedom to get creative with your packaging! You should be able to design a container that has a form, function and style that matches your brand and your product. Kinsbrae’s injection mould containers can do just that.

Make It Work

Injection moulds are a great way to efficiently produce large quantities of containers. A mould can be created to produce unique and complex shapes and, because the process for creating these containers is highly mechanized, each container produced is identical to the ones that came before it.

An injection mould is itself created from steel or aluminum, which means that the template for the container is durable and will not degrade or wear out over time. This is another important factor in producing consistent packaging with each order. The mechanization of production increases output, so very large orders can be produced in a timely manner.

Kinsbrae makes our injection mould containers out of plastic resin. This material is highly malleable when heated and easily conforms to whatever shape the template takes. Once the plastic cools, you end up with a container that is durable and functional as well as one that fits your design vision for your product and brand. There are endless choices for shape, structure and colour, allowing you the creative freedom to design packaging that works for you.

Reduce the Waste

Injection mould containers can be an economically efficient choice when it comes to producing high-volume orders. The more containers that are made, the lower the cost per unit because of the economies of scale. Over time, this type of production becomes increasingly economically advantageous. Even though injection mould containers are mass-produced, they do not result in the high level of waste seen in the traditional manufacturing process. With the CNC process, for instance, much of the original plastic sheet or block is cut away, which wastes a tremendous amount of energy and plastic. Injection mould templates, on the other hand, lead to low levels of scrap during the production process. If your company is striving to meet consumer demands and company goals for environmentally friendly products, injection mould containers can help you achieve both objectives. Kinsbrae strives to be a leader in offering products that are less damaging to the environment, while still maintaining high standards for quality and durability. We offer the option to create packaging from resins made of recycled or compostable materials.
Kinsbrae Packaging believes in partnering with our customers to come up with complete solutions for branding and packaging needs. We work with you to meet your business’s goals for creating high-value products while increasing your revenues. Get in touch with us at (519)800-3521 to find out what we can do for you!

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