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Flexible pouches and bags provide an excellent packaging solution to other traditional options. They are an
eco-conscious, cost-effective, and reliable choice for
several industries. Our flexible pouches are an ideal solution
for short runs and prototypes, allowing you to print a trial
run, print multiple skus, or make changes as needed with no
additional costs. We offer a variety of custom options for
flexible pouches and bags, from the material to the size to
the finishes, the choice is yours! All pouches and bags are
designed with a metallized barrier inside to ensure that the
product inside stays fresh.

Why Use Flexible
Pouches & Bags


Pouches are customized with assorted materials, finishes, zipper styles, and add-ons.

Lead Times

We deliver industry leading turnaround times for our pouches and bags.

Low Minimums

We provide our customers with low minimums (ideal for multiple skus).

Digitally Printed

We digitally print pouches with full-colour bleed for a clear and colourful design.


Pouches and bags are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for shipping.

In-House Design

Our in-house designer is available to help customize your flexible pouch or bag.


Compostable pouches are an ideal option for products that will be used within 6 months, such as herbal teas, candies, grains, and spices. These pouches and bags are made from renewable,
bio-based, and non-GMO materials. They do not contain any
micro-plastics, unlike other pouches on the market. The films and inks are certified home compostable and will breakdown within
8-12 months when properly disposed of into a compost bin, while the valves and zippers are certified industrial compostable and can take less than 6 months to breakdown.


Recyclable pouches are ideal for products like pet treats, food products, and non-food items that require a low to medium barrier against moisture and oxygen. They are available in custom sizes, however, choosing a
pre-determined size allows us to reduce waste by up to 75%! Our bags are recyclable under code #2, making these truly recyclable, however, some municipalities still might not accept them in the blue bin yet. Conventional pouches are usually made from 3 or more layers of different types of plastics, and would be considered as code #7 recycling, which means it will end up in the landfill.


Conventional pouches and bags look great, are cost-effective, durable, and environmentally conscious. They are ideal for almost any product. Foods, liquids, and non-food products will fit perfectly
in your custom or pre-determined size pouches and bags. There are
so many options to choose from to customize your pouches and bags. Looking for a stand-up pouch? Maybe a quad seal, or a flat bottom bag? Whatever your need is, we can help!

Let’s Work Together!

Flexible pouches and bags are an ideal packaging solution, and with three different streams of pouches available, we can help you find the best fit for your products. Contact us to learn more about our flexible pouches and bags! We can also help with shipping boxes, boxboard packaging, labels, and more!

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