Eco Rings

Biodegradable | Eco-Friendly | Made from Fiber By-Products

One of the most problematic types of packaging in the beverage industry is the plastic six pack ring. Plastic has devastated our oceans, our wildlife, and the environment, and the beverage industry has a responsibility to look for eco-friendly packaging solutions for their products. At Kinsbrae Packaging, we are committed to offering sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally conscious packaging solutions to our customers. Our eco-friendly six pack (and 4 pack) rings, made by E6PR, are the first environmentally friendly alternative to the current plastic packaging solutions.

Benefits of Using
Eco Rings!

Bio, leaves
Eco Rings are 100%
compostable, and
eco, heart
Eco Rings are made of
bio-based by-product
waste from the food &
beverage industry.
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Our eco-friendly option
uses no materials from
refined oil, reducing your
carbon footprint.
Eco Six Pack Rings
are fully digestible if
they are accidentally
ingested by animals.
Eco Rings are
structurally sound and
can last years in
Socially Responsible
Eco Rings promote a
circularity that strives
for a zero-waste

it Down

When correctly disposed, the E6PR will end up in a compostable facility, where it will be broken down to organic material that may be used as a fertilizer. Otherwise, depending on the ecosystem, it can take up to 200 days for the E6PR to fully degrade or compost. Despite being biodegradable and compostable, Eco Rings are just as effective as plastic rings in wet and dry environments and have been certified to ensure quality and functionality.

Let’s Work

Eco Six Pack Rings provide companies a cost-effective solution to packaging cans without the harmful effects of the traditional plastic ring. Contact us today to learn more about our Eco Rings! We also offer silver bullet cans, sleeving, and various box options.

Available sizes: 6-Pack, 4-Pack
Regular cans, Sleek cans

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