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If you’re considering packaging sleeves for your product containers, KinsBrae Packaging is here to help. We specialize in everything you need to ensure your product is ready for sale, all while providing unmatched quality and variety. Whether you’re operating on an international scale or taking the plunge as a new small business, we’ve got the expertise you need for a final result that’s sure to help your business thrive.

Innovative Sleeving Options

From craft brews to innovative nutrition supplements, we can help you choose the perfect package sleeve for a complete, professional look.
Beer, Wine &
Whether you bottle or can your signature beverage, sleeves are the perfect option for showcasing what makes your company stand out in this rapidly growing industry. Whatever shape you choose, our sleeves will stay put through every sip and pour.
You’ve perfected the recipe and worked out the perfect portion size. Let us help you create a packaging sleeve that showcases your unique brand, artwork and ingredients with 360 degrees of advertising space.
Your innovations in nutrition help promote health and wellness. Let your customers experience quality at first sight with our custom container sleeves. There’s plenty of space for you to include the information that’s most important to your clientele.

you can Trust

Using sleeves for your products is a smart decision. The material and application process ensure a perfectly aligned and tight fit every single time. Does your product need to be chilled or heated? Are spills or condensation a possibility during consumer use? Sleeves are a durable solution that can withstand an unstable environment, so temperature and moisture changes won’t affect the overall look of your product. Your artwork and text will remain crisp and clear so customers can take in your designs as they were meant to be seen.
At KinsBrae Packaging, we care about efficiency and making eco-friendly choices that are better for your business as well as the planet. We’re proud to partner with SKA Packaging and AESUS to utilize the latest in effective and responsible packaging machines. Therefore, you can enjoy precision and quality with a shorter turnaround.

Versatile Solutions for Every Shape & Size

When it comes to the most frequently used standard size bottles, cans and containers, it’s no surprise that KinsBrae Packaging has you and your product completely covered. But what if you need sleeves for more unique packaging shapes and dimensions? You shouldn’t have to compromise on the design that works best for your product. Instead, turn to us for flexible and functional options for sizes up to 4 inches wide and 13 inches high. Whatever shape or size you have in mind, we can help you create a sleeve that’s a perfect fit.
If you’re not sure where to start on your sleeve packaging order, our experts can help. From design ideas to sizing and placement, our team is here to guide you every step of the way for a finished product that’s up to your standards. For more information about all of our packaging products and services, call us today.

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