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When you need cans, Kinsbrae has you covered!

Whether you produce beer, cocktails, wine, coffee, tea, sparkling water, or mead, cans are the ultimate packaging solution for your beverages! At Kinsbrae Packaging, we offer several options for your products, from small runs of labels to medium orders of sleeves to truckloads of printed cans, we take care of it all!

We offer silver bullet cans in all sizes.

  • 250mL Sleek
  • 355mL Standard
  • 355mL Sleek
  • 473mL
  • 568mL

Did You Know?

Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable, so your company can feel good about its environmental footprint.
Cans offer protection from UV rays and oxygen, making sure the liquid inside stays fresh and delicious!
Cans are lightweight and easy to stack, making them efficient to store and to ship.
Our cans all come with BPANI GEN2 liners for durability with everything from water to highly acidic contents.
Kinsbrae Packaging can supply over 100 million cans annually!

Printed Cans

250mL Sleek | 355mL Standard | 355mL Sleek | 473mL | 568mL

Printed cans are a great way to display your products while eliminating plastic. With printed cans, you will never have to worry about your label being damaged or destroyed. The quality and durability of direct printing speaks for itself.

In addition, you get 360° of design space, giving you plenty of room to create a standout design. Our in-house design team is available to assist you in creating the perfect printed can design to make your brand stand out against the competition.

Printed cans are the ideal choice for large order quantities. They are the most cost-effective solution as they are ordered by the truckload. As an Ardagh partner, we offer competitive pricing and the highest level of quality.

Why Choose
Printed Cans?

Kinsbrae Packaging offers several advantages when choosing printed cans.


Our printed can program is one of the most competitive in the market
We are an Ardagh partner and can take care of all your printed can needs
Printed cans can withstand any environment; condensation won’t be an issue!
We provide internal warehousing options to store your extra cans
In-House Design
Our in-house designer is available to help customize your cans
The design can be modified to allow the can substrate to show through for a unique finish

Sleeved Cans

250mL Sleek | 355mL Standard | 355mL Sleek | 473mL | 568mL

Can sleeves are customized to fit every size can, from 250mL to 568mL and everything in between!

At Kinsbrae Packaging, we believe that quality and durability are the most important factors when it comes to sleeving cans, and we uphold this standard in every sleeving project we do. Our can sleeves are extremely durable, making them an ideal choice for dry, cold, wet, or hot environments. Plus, all our sleeves come with a high slip coating to eliminate friction on canning lines.

We have the industries best can sleeving equipment in North America, so you know you are in good hands! We apply all can sleeves in-house and can apply custom sleeve shapes and sizes. Simply contact us with your specifications and we will assist you in obtaining the right fit for your products.

What Makes Sleeved
Cans a Good Choice?

Kinsbrae Packaging offers several benefits when choosing sleeved cans.


Low Minimums
No Minimums
We provide our
customers with no
minimums on
sleeve orders!
In-House Services
We take care of proof
preparation, printing,
and application
Sleeves are fully
customizable making the
options endless!
Rapid Turnaround Times
We offer industry
leading turnaround
Sleeves are extremely
durable and can handle
any environment
Print Options
We provide digital and
flexo printing options
for your sleeves
In-House Design
Our in-house designer is
available to help customize
your sleeves
Our warehouse
program is designed
to reduce costs and
stock outs

Labelled Cans

250mL Sleek | 355mL Standard | 355mL Sleek | 473mL | 568mL

Labelled cans provide a unique and creative marketing tool for your products.

You have approximately 2.5 seconds to get the consumer’s attention. This means your labels need to be eye-catching and informative, drawing the consumer in to pick your product over all the rest. No matter what you produce or package, labels are a key element of your company’s marketing.

We offer a variety of label options to suit any industry, product, run size, and budget. And with a vast selection of embellishments, finishes, and stocks, you’ll be sure to find the best option for your brands. Our design team will assist you with all the details of your label designs, and we can take of labelling your cans on our in-house labelling line.

What are the Benefits
of Labelled Cans?

Kinsbrae Packaging offers several benefits when choosing labelled cans.


Full Spectrum
We offer plenty of
options of label stocks,
finishings, and coatings
Choose the weight, thickness, finish, and features of your labels
Rapid Turnaround Times
We offer industry
leading turnaround
High Quality Printing
Our state-of-the-art
technology prints high
quality labels
In-House Design
Our in-house designer is
available to help customize
your labels
Low Minimums
Our minimum order
is only 100 labels
per SKU!

Silver Bullets

355mL Standard | 355mL Sleek | 473mL | 568mL

If you are in a pinch and require silver bullet cans quickly, or just need to stock up your inventory, we have you covered. We maintain stock of millions of silver bullet cans, in various sizes, at our warehouse.

Our 44,000 square foot facility allows us to warehouse a minimum inventory of 12 million silver bullet cans at any time. We provide convenience as a service to our customers by warehousing large inventories of products to ensure we can accommodate any request.

We offer the complete package when you purchase silver bullet cans from us. We stock 10 State Can Ends (sold separately), with no pallet quantities required. We always sell our can ends by the sleeve, so you can purchase what you need, when you need them.

Looking for a 24 can tray to package your products into? We stock those too!

Benefits of Silver
Bullet Cans

Kinsbrae Packaging offers several benefits when choosing silver bullet cans.


inventory, check list
We maintain a consistent inventory of 355mL standard, 355mL sleek, and 473mL silver bullet cans!
specialty, star
We supply Crowlers, 500mL, and 250mL cans by special order, so contact us to order yours!
quantities, point pyramid

Whether you have a small order or a large order, we can accommodate most requests!

With our constant stock, we can ship you cans when you need them, even last minute!

Let’s Work Together!

Whether you are an established company looking for a refresh, or about to launch your very first product, we are here to help. We are a full-service outlet for sustainable, custom, and premium packaging, with a strong focus on quality packaging solutions that suit a variety of industries.

Our knowledgeable and experienced Packaging Specialists work with you from start to finish, ensuring your packaging is completed exactly as expected. Contact us to discuss the best packaging solutions for your products. As a one-stop shop, we aim to be your go-to supplier for all your packaging needs. We supply 24 can trays, shipping boxes, Eco Rings, pizza boxes, and much more.

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