Box Board Packaging

From the design of your logo to the shape of your packaging to the very material of your boxes, several factors dictate whether prospects buy your product or that of a competitor. For these reasons, and to preserve the integrity of your brand, you shouldn’t entrust box production to just any company.

At Kinsbrae Packaging, we specialize in the production of various box types, each of which are sturdy, customizable and aesthetically pleasing. For nearly a decade, businesses of all sizes — including several Fortune 500 companies, have been entrusting us with their packaging needs. If you’re in the market for a new box board supplier who can handle the full scope of your packing needs, contact our team today to request more information regarding our products, or to receive a customized quote.

Invest in Custom
Product Boxes

Whether you sell cereal or school snacks, own a burger joint, or operate a pizza delivery business, you need boxes that are durable, user-friendly and easily customizable. The box board boxes that we manufacture at Kinsbrae Packaging are made of heavy-duty stock paper and are strong enough to use but clean enough to adorn with high-end graphics that will drive consumer engagement. Among other uses, clients routinely choose our box board products to package the following types of products:

  • Cereal
  • Hot meals
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Pastries
  • Tea
  • Chocolate

Though it seems like a minor detail, packaging — especially as it pertains to food — plays a major role in how customers perceive your products and your brand. Send the right impression with clean, durable and sophisticated packaging by making us your go-to box provider.

Create a Memorable Packaging Experience

The shape, type and material of your box are not the only factors that affect marketing outcomes. Design plays a crucial role in your overall packaging design, and it can either make or break the customer experience. To ensure a memorable experience across all aspects of the customer journey, brand your boxes with your unique logo and illustrations. Our design team has extensive graphic design experience and knows how to create packages that draw the eye, make a statement and, ultimately, entice shoppers to make the purchase.

Appeal to Customers on Every Level

Consumers today expect more from the brands with which they do business. At Kinsbrae Packaging, we create packages that check all the boxes in terms of consumer expectations. Everything from our box boards to our bottles are eco-friendly and recyclable without ever compromising durability or practicality. When shoppers pick up your products, they can feel good about making the purchase, as the biodegradable packaging conveys your commitment to environmentally friendly practices and eco-conscious outlook.

Enjoy Superior Customer Service

While we focus heavily on the end users’ expectations, we realize that, at the end of the day, we need to appeal to you, the decision-maker for your brand. To do so, we make customer satisfaction the end-objective for all our processes. Below are the top areas in which we stand out:
Turnaround Time
On-time delivery is at the heart of our company’s values, and we deliver orders on deadline every time, if not sooner.
Print and Design Services
Our in-house graphic designer, advanced digital printing techniques and market knowledge come together for a flawless finish.
Custom Solutions
We offer more than just packaging — we also provide support for inventory management to help clients fulfill orders more efficiently.
See for yourself how Kinsbrae Packaging can help set your brand apart from the competition. Request a quote today.

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