Bottle Sleeves

Give your products the professional edge you’re looking for with custom-made bottle sleeves from KinsBrae Packaging. We’re passionate about helping you take your bottled products to the next level by helping you create an eye-catching and innovative design that will have customers reaching for more again and again. When you combine our quality packaging options with your own unique design, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind look that truly stands out against the competition.

Benefits of Sleeves on Bottle

Our PortaVino bottle is made of sturdy, high-quality aluminum. Its 250-millilitre design offers the following benefits to your customers:
Durable Product Solutions
Our bottle sleeves stay put in every environment no matter how the surroundings may change. Cold, heat and even condensation won’t damage the surface or warp your design. It’s a great option for everything from single-serving beverages to multiple-serving sauces and supplements, especially when moisture is often present. Your customers will enjoy the comfortable feel and durability of a product that looks like new, sip after sip and use after use.
Expanded Advertising Capacity
When you sleeve your glass bottles, you’re giving yourself 360 degrees of advertising space. With so much room at your disposal, your advertising options are virtually limitless. Add everything from stunning artwork to your company’s backstory. List the ingredients and processes that help you bring quality to your customers and showcase the special features that make your products extraordinary. When you choose bottle sleeves, you’ll also have room to list contact and social media info so your customers can easily shop for more.
Versatile Sizing Options
Does your product require a unique size or shape for optimum packaging or display? Sleeves are an excellent choice for companies who need a more customizable solution for their products. Large or small, wide or narrow, KinsBrae Packaging has you covered. We offer versatile sizing options for everything up to 4 inches wide and 13 inches high so you don’t have to compromise on your best design.

Why Choose
Bottle Sleeves?

When it comes to marketing, branding and design, you’ve got options for your glass bottled products. While labels certainly have their place, your specific product may require a more functional and permanent alternative. Bottle sleeves are an excellent choice for numerous products and offer a host of benefits.

Selections for
Every Company

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a locally owned small business, our professional team is equipped to help you find the perfect packaging solution for your products. We have experience ranging from the largest to the smallest scale so you can trust that your results will go above and beyond your expectations. We specialize in working with companies in the following industries:
We’re here to help you give your products a stunning, standout design so your business can continue to grow.

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