Blown Plastic

The packaging you use for your product is an important decision. There is more to it than simply finding a container that can hold the merchandise. At Kinsbrae, we understand just how many considerations are involved when choosing the right container for your products, which is why we’ve made it a point to provide our customers with nearly unlimited options! Our blown plastic containers are made to order, so you get exactly what you need.

Versatility and Flexibility

Blown plastic containers are everywhere. Industries as varied as cosmetics, automotive, food and pharmaceuticals are discovering how useful this type of packaging is. It is versatile enough to meet the packaging needs for a wide assortment of products. Blown plastic is flexible and lightweight but sturdy and durable, making them an increasingly popular choice.

The flexible material makes it ideal for creating containers of all shapes and sizes. Now, the packaging you choose can be part of the creative choices you make in branding your products. Kinsbrae can easily customize blown plastic containers to fit your specifications. We offer endless options for colour, shape and size, giving you the freedom to determine what works best for the presentation and preservation of the products you sell.

These containers can stand up to a lot of tough conditions. Their malleability and durability make them well suited for a variety of climates. They can endure frigid temperatures without cracking or shattering, which makes them great for packaging items such as pharmaceuticals or foods that need to be kept cold. They can also take the heat, so they work just as well in warmer environments. When you need packaging that can withstand the elements, our weatherproof blown plastic containers can not be beat!

Economic and Eco Friendly

One of the many benefits of blown plastic containers is that they are an economically sound choice. Even though this type of plastic offers diversity in form, function, texture and structural design, production costs are still low. This allows you to make decisions that are based on improving your brand while also reducing your bottom line. You don’t need to cut creative corners to stay within your budget.

At Kinsbrae, we recognize that many of our customers operate on the concept of the triple bottom line and look for where they can make choices that are easy on the environment. We make our blown plastic containers out of recyclable materials. When your customers purchase goods in this type of packaging, they can recycle the container when they are through, rather than tossing it in the garbage bin. In addition, many people find that their empty containers have numerous other uses and, because they are durable, they reuse them time and again.

Kinsbrae Packaging believes in creating products that adhere to our customers’ high standards for quality and design. We also recognize how important it is to find the right packaging to display and preserve your products. Our blown plastic containers provide you with endless choices in cost-effective, eco-friendly, high-quality packaging. Contact us today at (519)800-3521 to discover your options for blown plastic containers!

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