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We brew fresh packaging ideas

KinsBrae is your one-stop shop for creative, memorable packaging that stands out in today’s marketplace.

The number of licensed breweries in Canada has more than doubled in recent years. While that’s great news for the economy and for beer lovers, it also translates into an increasingly competitive market for brewers. At the same time, canned beer is gaining popularity with consumers who prefer the lightweight portability, durability and sustainability of aluminum cans over traditional glass bottles.

KinsBrae provides rapid turnaround times and premium service for limited runs and large volume shipments. From sleeving and labelling virtually any size and shape of can or bottle, to boxing for shipment and retail display, KinsBrae’s packaging experts will work with you to create eye-catching, unique designs that enhance shelf appeal and boost sales.

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Innovative options that enhance your brand

KinsBrae is driven by an innovative spirit blended with hand-crafted sensibility.

We’re on the leading edge of a packaging revolution helping winemakers and distillers innovate with alternative packaging and bold branding that leverage smart design and hand-crafted appeal.

Our latest innovation is the KinsBrae PortaVino aluminum wine bottle – the first personal size, resealable aluminum bottle designed specifically for wine. Made from super-lightweight aluminum, PortaVino combines all the advantages of an aluminum can with the shelf appeal and versatility of a beautifully designed bottle.

Plus, KinsBrae offers state-of-the-art digital printing, packaging, labelling and sleeving technology that can accommodate a wide range sizes and materials. The possibilities are endless!

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We turn shoppers into customers

KinsBrae is passionate about providing efficient, sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for our clients.

In the food industry, packaging can be as important as what’s inside – package design is the first thing consumers notice when they’re buying a product. In fact, people make many buying decisions inside the store at the product shelf, rather than in advance.

From the graphics, fonts and colours on the label, to the size and shape and choice of materials, packaging is the primary communication tool that grabs the consumer’s attention and turns them into a customer.

Offering leading-edge technology and expert design services, KinsBrae delivers eye-catching designs and retail-ready packaging to help your product stand out on crowded shelves and drives sales.

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Great packaging that reflects the goodness inside

KinsBrae offers a full range of food-safe packaging options for the health and wellness industry.

Growing demand for supplements, functional foods and healthy drink products is one of the major trends shaping the global food industry. It’s also driving demand for innovative packaging that reflects the goodness of the product inside AND appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who value sustainability as well as convenience.

KinsBrae provides high-quality plastic tubs, bottles, bags and pouches in every size, shape and colour — including products made from compostable or recycled resins — to ensure product safety and damage-free delivery. We’re also equipped to meet rising demand for smaller, pre-measured and single-dose sizes that appeal to younger on-the-go consumers.

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