3 Reasons Why Shrink Sleeve Labels are Gaining Popularity

As the packaging market continues to evolve, new options become available. At KinsBrae Packaging, we offer various options, from aluminum wine bottles to eco-friendly six-pack rings. Although not new in the packaging space, shrink sleeves are one option that are becoming increasingly popular among many businesses. 

Shrink sleeve labels are gaining popularity due to their versatile branding opportunities among other reasons. Here at KinsBrae Packaging, we believe there are three main reasons why this type of packaging is popular. 

360 Degree Design Capabilities

Shrink sleeve labels can provide complete container coverage. While other labels may be limited, this type can cover an entire product. Shrink sleeve labels are designed to conform to the entire container of your product. This process allows you to brand your product from neck to base, covering your product with a design that covers pretty much every square inch of your container. Other labels are limited to the main surface area.

Versatile Sizing and Design

Shrink sleeve labels are a great option for unique packaging shapes and dimensions. These innovative labels provide complete coverage, so you don’t have to compromise on the design that works best for your product. KinsBrae Packaging Offers options for sizes up to four inches wide and 13 inches high. No matter the shape or size of your product, we can help create a sleeve that’s a perfect fit.

Eco-Friendly Options

Customers want to buy from businesses that care about the environment. Show your customers you care by using KinsBrae Packaging products. We care about efficiency and making eco-friendly choices that are better for your business and the planet. As proud partners with SKA packaging and AESUS, we utilize the latest in responsible packaging machines. This means you can enjoy precision and quality with a shorter turnaround time on your orders.

Aluminum cans are a great packaging choice as they can be easily recycled. Virtually every program in North America accepts aluminum cans, so our PortaVino aluminum cans also make a great way to show your customers you care about the environment. Sleeved cans can provide your business with the versatility to brand your wine however you like. 

Available For A Variety Of Products

Our custom packaging sleeves are available for a variety of different products. Our sleeves are the perfect option for showcasing what makes your company stand out in the industry for beer, wine, or spirits. Whether you bottle or can your signature beverage, our sleeves will stay put through every sip and pour.

After you’ve perfected the recipe and worked out the perfect portion size, we can help with your food packaging. We can work with you to create a packaging sleeve that showcases your unique brand with our unique design that includes 360 degrees of advertising space.

For those in the nutriceutical sales space, we are happy to help design your custom container sleeves that let your customers experience your quality at first sight. As innovators in nutrition, health, and wellness, there’s plenty of space on these custom labels for you to include the information that’s most important to your clientele.

A Durable Solution

Overall, shrink sleeve labels are a durable solution that can withstand various temperatures so that moisture changes won’t affect the overall look of your product. With our custom labels, you can rest assured that your artwork and text will always remain crisp and clear, as they were meant to be seen.

With a variety of custom packaging sleeve options, our customers can brand their products however they desire. Whether they are operating on an international scale or just starting out with a small business, we have the expertise needed for a final result that will help businesses thrive. 

For more information on our custom packaging sleeves, contact us today!

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