What is Skid Packaging?

How Can Skid Packaging Help Your Business?

Many people who order goods online do not think about the logistics that allow the item to travel from a warehouse to their home. However, business owners know the importance of keeping goods intact as they make their way to the customer. There are a variety of ways to keep items safe during shipment, with one of these being skid packaging. How can this type of packaging help your business? 

What Is Skid Packaging?

Skids are a type of shipping platform that utilizes only a single deck, which makes them easier to drag around a warehouse floor and cheaper to produce than regular pallets and crates. Most people have seen skids either in photos or in a factory, as they are one of the most common types of platforms used in industry. It is important to be able to drag items if they are very heavy, in order to reduce the risk of injury to warehouse employees.

Kinsbrae packaging includes plastic wrapping that secures goods that are travelling on the skid. Without these wraps, the items would fall off, becoming damaged and leading to unhappy customers. Particularly during shipping, there is great potential for goods to shift around while on a truck or cargo plane, so make sure that you secure your items with packaging that you trust. 

By purchasing skid platforms for your business or warehouse, you can save money and have a reliable way to store and transport the goods that you sell to customers. In addition to being used to assist with the shipment of products, skids can also be used to store machinery, especially machinery that needs to be kept off the ground. The skid foundation is also ideal for equipment that sometimes needs to be moved around on a limited basis. Industries that use skid packaging include the agricultural and metal industries, among many others. 

Are There Alternatives to Skids? 

The two main alternatives to skids are pallets and crates. Pallets look very similar to skids, and in fact, the terms are often used interchangeably. However, pallets mainly differ from skids in that they have a bottom deck, whereas skids only have the top deck for the foundation. As a result, pallets are more ideal for heavy items, as a forklift is better able to transport them due to the bottom layer. Pallets are also very easy to stack and store due to their shape. 

Unlike a skid or pallet, a crate has four walls along with the bottom, keeping stored items more secure from falling over. Crates are ideal for products that are more fragile or at risk of rolling over, although they come at the cost of being more difficult to drag or carry than skids and pallets. They are also more expensive due to their size. 

Other Packaging Considerations

Besides the storage platforms and wrapping materials, there are many other factors to consider when packaging and shipping products. For example, it is crucial to have a label on your items that represents your company. The label is what people will see once the item is unwrapped and taken out of its box. Consider being more environmentally friendly and using biodegradable packaging materials, which may attract eco-conscious customers to your business. 

Regardless of what kind of platforms or packaging you use, ensure that your items are fully secured and safe from damage. Kinsbrae Packaging can assist you with all your shipping needs, whether you need to transport items made of plastic, glass, or another material. We work with retail establishments of all sizes that ship their products locally and worldwide. Give us a call today to see how we can assist your company. 

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