Choosing a Trendy Design for Canned Wine in Ontario

Product labels significantly impact sales, even for canned wine in Ontario. To make your brand the most popular on the shelf, you must put serious thought into the label design. The following are essential design aspects that can make your product stand out when used correctly.

Learn About Your Audience

The first step is learning about your audience. No matter what you’re designing, you must first understand the people you want to appeal to. For canned wine, that usually means younger generations, but the specifics depend on your company.

The best approach to learning about your audience is data-driven research. You can accomplish this through surveys, analyzing purchasing data and even tracking competitor tactics. One of the most important things you can do is set aside your assumptions and personal preferences, as these can cloud your perception. Instead, rely on objective data, which presents the most accurate view of consumer trends.

Use Colour Wisely

Once you’ve identified your audience, it’s time to lay the design foundations. Your first decision should be which colours you want to use, as they’ll play a major role in layout, imagery and typography. Studies show that colours have different psychological effects, so keep this in mind as you pick a scheme:

  • Red ignites passion but may also raise an alarm
  • Yellow promotes happiness but too much can be overwhelming
  • Blue induces calm but may conflict with efforts to excite consumers

Lack of colour is another option, as it plays into minimalist designs and may make your wine stand out among the brightly-hued competition.

Your shade choices should align with your brand and target audience — a delicate balance that requires expertise. The right approach will naturally draw consumers’ eyes and make them identify with the experience presented by your company.

Think About Materials

Labels aren’t just about visuals — the texture also plays an important role. Sleeved cans let you choose a material that complements your message. For example, a glossy finish adds a fancy touch to a sophisticated design, while a matte finish reinforces the simplicity of a minimalist label.

You can also use metalized finishes to catch consumers’ eyes. The metallic gleam invokes a sense of luxury, perfect for making your wine feel high-class regardless of price.

Consider Typography

Consumers expect certain information from wine labels:

  • Brand name
  • Wine name
  • Nutritional information
  • Company story

Typography impacts how you deliver these essential details. In some cases, the typography can be so unique that consumers don’t even have to read the name — they recognize the lettering at a glance.

Of course, this approach doesn’t work with everything. For example, nutritional and company facts should be legible. If people struggle to read the simplest information, they may move on to a more accessible option. To optimize accessibility, choose a clean, neat font in a colour that stands out against the background.

Utilize Imagery

Finally, decide what imagery to include on your label. For example, you can put your logo front and center, so people instantly know what they’re buying. You can also incorporate images into your background; vineyards are a popular option for wines. Whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand and the experience you’re trying to sell.

This is also a step where colour makes a huge difference. While considering your colour story, discuss image ideas to ensure they support each other. If your imagery and colour scheme provide conflicting messages, consumers will be confused about what you’re offering.

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