Show Off Your Brand’s Personality With a Custom Can Sleeve

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If you own a company that produces any type of wine, you understand the importance of good branding to get your product into the hands of customers. People don’t want to buy just any canned wine in Ontario. They want to buy a high-quality Portavino with a label that jumps out at them while they are browsing store shelves. Designing labels for sleeved cans is important because you need customized packaging that shows customers what the product has to offer. Here are a few current trends in the branding industry to help you create an effective label for your wine.

Serene Design

One of the most popular current marketing trends is serene packaging. Customers gravitate towards products packaged in earthy hues. Minimal copy and coordinating colour schemes make packaging easy to look at and are perfect for showcasing gentle brands.

Psychedelic Design

If your products are fun, you may way to consider using packaging with psychedelic colours and ’60s designs. The classic design trend is as effective today as it was when it first emerged in the 1960s. Use bold colours, wavy designs and large copy to indicate your business’ brand voice. This packaging technique is great for companies with products that have fun twists on classic items. 

Colour Mists

Simple white packaging with misting colour around the edges can indicate a calming brand. Customers gravitate toward this type of packaging because it has a calming effect. It’s not the best for highlighting an upbeat, energetic brand, but it is ideal for skincare, cosmetics and anything else that promos relaxation.


Although layered package designs often appear minimalistic, they are effective in grabbing the attention of younger customers. The eye-catching designs and multi-coloured pictures on a white background make the packaging stand out on any store shelf. It tends to be most effective for a younger audience.


If your business has a character logo, make sure your packaging includes a depiction of it. It will make your packaging instantly recognizable to your customers so that they don’t have to look hard for your company’s items. Characters are also appealing to a wide demographic and can target both young and old audiences.


In the late ’90s, futuristic packaging surged in popularity as people began to prepare for Y2K.  The marketing technique is still popular today because people adore minimalistic designs. Futuristic designs with modern colours and crisp lines appeal to people of all demographics. It is a great way to highlight a modern brand and display your product in an eye-catching way that is not obvious.

How Kinsbrae Packaging Can Help

If you are still working to define your brand voice, you may not yet have a label design in mind. Current marketing trends may seem overwhelming when you are trying to choose one to enhance your business. If you need help creating packaging that will make your company’s products stand out, Kinsbrae Packaging is ready to help. 

Our design services create custom labels to help your products better represent your company. We’ll help you define business goals clearly and outline a brand voice so we can develop packaging that is effective. We’ll also analyze your target audience so we can be sure that our designs are appealing to your customers. 

Get Started With Custom Packaging Today

Custom packaging is a great way to set your company’s products apart from the competition. Finding the right type of packaging is essential for appealing to your target market. Kinsbrae Packaging is here to help. We want to help you create beautiful packaging for your company’s products. create  Contact us today to get started on designing customized labels and sleeved cans that can help you take your company to its full potential.

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