4 Reasons Why You Should Drink Wine From a Can

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Wine is a popular beverage that comes in many varieties, from reds and whites to sweet wines like ports, and is often enjoyed with an evening meal. Wine is associated with large glass bottles sealed by a cork, but canned wines are becoming more and more common on grocery store shelves. Here are four of the benefits of choosing a wine that comes from a can.

1. Increased Sustainability

Cans are more sustainable and environmentally friendly for several reasons. One reason is that cans are significantly lighter in weight than glass bottles, resulting in lower shipping costs and reduced fuel requirements to ship the products. Carbon dioxide and other gases emitted by vehicles are significant factors in the global warming crisis, so anything that reduces the amount of fuel that vehicles release is a win for the environment. Research has suggested that shipping cans rather than glass bottles can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent.

Another reason why cans are more sustainable than glass is their recyclability. Aluminum cans typically contain a higher percentage of recycled content than glass bottles, meaning fewer raw materials were extracted and manufactured to make this type of packaging. Recycled cans save more kilowatt-hours of energy, liters of oil, and landfill space than an equal amount of glass bottles. Furthermore, people are more likely to put their used cans in the recycle bin than they are to recycle their used glass bottles, continuing the cycle of sustainability.

2. Greater Ability To Control Portions

People are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of drinking in moderation rather than binge drinking, which can cause legal and health issues. Wines that come in a can are already measured out to an appropriate amount. A portion can be difficult to gauge when pouring from a large bottle, which averages out to about five servings in total. Especially if you go through a bottle of wine very slowly, canned wine Ontario keeps your wine fresh until you are ready to open the can and enjoy a glass.

3. Convenience

Suppose you are going hiking, boating, or swimming at a lake or pool. In these situations, you might want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two, depending on local laws and ordinances regarding alcohol consumption in public. Aluminum cans weigh much less than glass bottles, so they are easier to transport wherever you want to go. Canned wines also require no corkscrew or cup for drinking, which means fewer supplies are needed to enjoy the wine. Exposure to extreme heat or cold can degrade the quality of a wine, but with sleeved cans, you can bring only as much wine as you intend on drinking, preventing any unused portions from exposure to the outdoor elements.

Aluminum cans are also safer than glass bottles because they cannot shatter and cause potential injury. Most beaches, pools, and lakes prohibit glass containers for this reason, making cans one of the only viable options for bringing beverages into these locations. Cans and the lightweight, shatterproof Portavino aluminum wine bottle are your best options when taking your favorite wine to the water.

4. Budget Friendly

Cans tend to be less expensive than glass bottles, making them an excellent choice if you are trying to save money while still enjoying wine every so often. In addition to the cheaper initial cost, canned wine is less likely to go to waste due to its smaller size. Less waste means less money required to purchase more wine to replace what went to waste.

Feel good about your purchasing decisions and consider buying wine in cans or aluminum bottles and for those winemakers out there looking for versatile marketing options reach out to us at Kinsbrae Packaging to learn more about the available cans, sleeving products and the Kinsbrae Portavino bottle. We will work with you to bring more attention to your incredible products!

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