5 Reasons Canned Wine Is Better Than Bottled Wine

Canned wine hasn’t always had the best reputation, but the quality has improved immensely in recent years. It is to the point where there are now a plethora of ready-to-pop options that are truly exceptional. Canned wine in Ontario is a great option where glasses and bottles may not be appropriate. It’s the perfect choice to bring to summer picnics, beach trips, or really anytime you want a no-fuss option to enjoy some wine on the go.

As the fastest growing segment of the wine market, canned wine comes in a variety from rosé to a red blend that will please even the most sophisticated wine palate. But, for those who are not sold on the idea of wine in a can yet, let’s rundown the top five reasons why canned wine is better than bottled wine.


You may have noticed that many bottles of wine come in tinted glass bottles. This is because, over time, direct sunlight and other forms of incandescent light can change the way wine tastes. The UV rays can react with the wine’s phenolic compound creating sulphurous compounds that smell and taste awful. Light is blocked out when packaged in a can, meaning it cannot interfere with the wine inside, resulting in a fresher product.

Portion Control

Wine in a can assist in portion control because it eliminates the need to open a whole bottle just to enjoy one glass. Often, a bottle can go to waste because it’s been open for too long, or some may take the other route and polish off a whole bottle rather than letting it go to waste.

With the most common size of canned wine being 250ml and the average wine pour approximately 150ml, it means a can is just under two glasses of wine, a perfect amount to enjoy in one evening.

Easier To Chill

At one point or another, everyone has forgotten to chill the wine before dinner and had to stick it in the freezer to try to cool it down as fast as possible. A great advantage of canned wine over bottled wine is that cans chill down quicker. As they are a smaller format with a thinner wall, any changes in temperature are passed from the canned exterior to its contents.

Easier to Store

In the fridge, you no longer need to find a spot in the fridge door for the bottle of wine or have to lay it down on its side on the top shelf. Cans have a much smaller footprint, so you can fit a couple on each shelf if needed without having to completely reorganize your condiments. This is perfect for parties or around the holidays when the fridge is bulging at the seams already. Cans are also a great option when bringing wine to go as they pack much more easily into a backpack or picnic basket.


It is always nice to have a variety of different wines to try. Instead of purchasing a single bottle, buying multiple cans means you can try a few instead of just that one. This is not only great for sampling wines yourself, but the canned wine also makes a great gift. The recipient will get to enjoy a variety of wines, and it also takes away your pain-staking guesswork of which wine to get them.

The New Trend

So, there you have it, five reasons why canned wine is better than bottled wine. With the convenience and variety available in canned wines, it is no wonder that so many companies are hopping on to this new trend.

At KinsBrae Packaging we understand that customers want a sophisticated, sleek design for their canned wines. This is why we have created the new PortaVino, a one-of-a-kind, elegant silhouette and convenient 250ml bottle with endless possibilities.

The PortaVino goes beyond traditional packaging. These sleeved cans offer an innovative way for the winemaker to tell more about their story and product. No longer limited by a front and back label, the PortaVino has a 360-degree label that can help your product stand out on the shelf amongst competitors.

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