Customers Will Love the Kinsbrae Portavino Aluminum Wine Bottle

KinsBrae Packaging is proud to offer a unique wine packaging solution that can help set you apart from competitors. The PortaVino aluminum bottle provides the perfect design for those who want to give wine in a can option but also want to portray sophistication in their brand. 

Portavino aluminum bottles offer a convenient, approachable, and portable way to present your beverage without sacrificing quality. Following soda and beer’s footsteps, wines are now commonly becoming available in cans. But don’t let this packaging fool you. It is not a signal of lesser quality, nor does it mean the container will alter the aromas and flavours. Our aluminum packaging includes a food-safe acrylic coating inside the can that is specifically formulated for wine. This special coating can help to increase the shelf life to keep your product fresher for longer and offer superior taste longer. 

High-Quality Wine

Nothing could be further from the truth for those who may be worried that wine in a can is just for lesser quality wines. Many wine brands, including well-established higher quality companies, turn to cans for their packaging. If consumers are willing to pay more by the glass at restaurants for high-quality wine, they will most likely purchase it in single-serving cans to enjoy at home or at events.

Convenience and Portability

Consumers love having the convenience and portability of a can without sacrificing the quality of the wine. It simply means you can easily slip a six-pack of vino into your backpack on your way to a picnic. Forget the fuss of storing a bottle or resealing a half-finished one. Portavino offers a convenient new way to enjoy wine.

The Portavino Aluminum bottle also offers branding opportunities through its sleek design and custom sleeve options. Sleeves allow companies to advertise through different designs that represent their brand, and they can make it easy for consumers to recognize the product amongst the competition. With its high-end look and feel, PortaVino offers endless possibilities for sleeving. Your product will stand out in a sea of glass bottles and boxed wine and command premium pricing.

On The Go Lifestyle

The PotaVino can is designed for wine and offers a unique and sophisticated packaging option for all types of beverages. This high-quality aluminum bottle holds 250 millilitres and is great for consumers who enjoy their on-the-go lifestyles. Customers can enjoy peace of mind with this shatterproof, lightweight and portable model that can easily slip into a bag, backpack, or cup holder.

An Impressive Sales Boost

Canned wine in Ontario is expected to have an impressive boost in sales in the coming years. It is thought to be because the format resonates with consumers because of its convenience, affordability, and sustainability. As millennials continue to drive the sales, wine drinkers of all ages are beginning to notice this new, convenient way of packaging. 

Packaging Solutions

At KinsBrae Packaging, we understand our customer’s needs. We are proud to provide innovative packaging solutions that offer unique branding solutions. Contact us today to learn more about the PortaVino aluminum can and how it can help boost your wine sales. 

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