Kinsbrae Paper Labels are Durable and Practical

When you are trying to launch a successful business, choosing the right type of label for your products is essential. There are several types of labels to choose from, but a traditional paper label is still the most popular. A distinct label makes your products recognizable and separates them from the competition, so choosing one that enhances your brand is important. Here’s why you should consider paper labels from Kinsbrae to help you build a stronger company.

They Are Cost-Efficient

When you are trying to choose custom packaging for your company’s products, there are several label materials to choose from. Depending upon your company’s unique needs and the voice of your brand, you may decide to use any of the following materials for labels:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl

Of these three options, paper labels are the most cost-efficient. Although they are not waterproof or eco-friendly like plastic or vinyl labels, paper labels are the easiest to produce and give products a classic appearance. Paper labels have been around since 1935 and remain the most popular type of label available. They last for years in most environments and conditions.

They Are Customizable

Paper labels are completely customizable. Because they are usually made out of white cardstock, you can easily add any colour to make the label stand out. You don’t have to worry about your brand colours clashing with the hue of the label.

Kinsbrae Packaging offers a wide variety of finishes and stocks so that you can create a unique label that makes your company’s needs. If you prefer not to use white cardstock you can choose a paper label in a different hue to match your company colours. You can also choose from gloss or matte finishes to give labels various looks depending upon your desired aesthetic.

They Stand Out

Paper labels are not designed to blend into the product they are on. Instead, paper labels are designed to jump out at potential customers and convince them to buy the products they are attached to. A good label will showcase your brand and let potential customers know exactly what the product does. Paper labels from Kinsbrae Packaging are made from high-quality cardstock so they are strong and durable. This composition means that our paper labels will hold up well on your products until the items are purchased by potential customers.

Why Choose Kinsbrae for Paper Labels?

At Kinsbrae Packaging, we know that having unique labels for your products is important for your brand. We want to help you create effective packaging, so we offer paper labels that are strong, durable and entirely customizable. We allow you to upload your own designs to our labels, but if you don’t yet have a logo or aren’t sure how to create a label that is both effective and unique, we are happy to help.

We offer design services to help you create custom packaging that will help your business thrive. We’ll work closely with you to determine your company goals. We can also help you create a logo that highlights your brand voice and shows potential customers what your business has to offer. All of this information is important for helping us design paper labels that are suitable for your brand and products.

Find the Labels You Need Today!

Building a strong brand is important for carving out space for your company to thrive in the competitive business industry. Labelling your products with custom packaging is a great way to define your brand voice and set your company apart from others in the industry. Paper labels from Kinsbrae Packaging can help you take your business to the next level with custom packaging. Contact us today for all of your labelling needs!

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