Is Wine in a Can Just a Fad

Wine in a can is growing in popularity so much so that it is safe to say it is here to stay. More commonly associated with soft drinks, this packaging has been rapidly increasing its shelf space in the wine section since about 2014. According to market research, sales of wine in cans are rising steadily.

Canned wine in Ontario has seen this impressive increase from an incredibly small base. Consumers of wine have reported that the format resonates with them because of its convenience, affordability, and sustainability.

Not Just A Fad

It is safe to say wine in a can is not just a fad and is not going anywhere anytime soon. It represents a new wine category that’s finding a permanent and positive place in the wine marketplace.

Some may be surprised to hear that wine in a can is not a new concept. Wine was first canned in 1936, but it didn’t work out so well because the quality suffered due to inconsistent technology. Today, better packaging has allowed the format to grow in popularity, and wine cans are now allowing winemakers to reach new audiences.

Portion Control

Consumers appreciate that canned wine allows for portion control, reducing waste of leftover wine. It also allows wine to go where it has not gone before. Picnic areas, parks, and concert venues that ban glass bottles are some perfect places to bring a can of wine. Canned wine also offers a solution to inconvenience as it eliminates the need to carry glasses or a corkscrew.

Generational Shift

The surge in canned wine is giving insight into generational shifts in wine consumption. Millennials are more receptive to cans because they can buy individual servings and appreciate the environmental aspect. Millennials are passionate about sustainability, so they appreciate that the aluminum cans are 100% recyclable, unlike bottles or other wine formats.

It is easy to see that the market is ready for wine in a can. As more producers are becoming aware of the option and finding that cans are less expensive and much lighter to transport, many are hopping on board with this new trend.

Quality Brands

Nothing could be further from the truth for those who may be worried that wine in a can is just for cheap wine. Many well established higher-quality wine brands are turning to cans for their packaging. They believe that if their consumers are willing to pay more by the glass at restaurants for their high-quality wine, they will also purchase it in cans to enjoy at home, on hikes, or picnics.


Kinsbrae’s PortaVino aluminum wine in a can bottle offers a truly unique solution to wine packaging. Our cans will help set you apart from competitors and brand your company. The PotaVino can is explicitly designed for wine and offers a unique and sophisticated packaging option for fine wines. This high-quality aluminum bottle holds 250 milliliters and is great for consumers who enjoy their on-the-go lifestyles.

The PotaVino can offers excellent branding and marketing potential. Sleeved cans make it easy for consumers to recognize the product amongst the competition. Sleeves offer the ability for companies to advertise through different designs that represent their brand.

At KinsBrae Packaging, we understand our customer’s needs. We can offer adise on the best packaging solutions for your beverage and help with design choices. We are proud to provide packaging solutions that offer innovative branding solutions and eco-friendly options. Contact us today to learn more about the PortaVino aluminum can and how it can help boost your wine sales. 

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