Why Labels are so Important for your Brand

Everyone knows the purpose of having a label on a product is to describe what the package contains. Without labels, homes would be filled with packages of all shapes and sizes filled with unidentified products. But aside from the simplest of identification purposes, consumer product label printing exists for two other primary purposes. This is to market the product and to display information required by the province or federal government. Labels are often the first impression of your product and can allow it to stand out among others.

Custom printed labels are an excellent way to brand your product for marketing purposes. You may use them to display unique images or designs that your customers can relate to your brand. Labels can showcase a company’s logo and branding images and contain taglines to help relay information about the inside product.

Keep It Consistent

By keeping a consistent logo, colour scheme, font, and other packaging elements, your consumers will be provided with consistency across your company’s selection. This helps your consumers quickly identify your products and choose them over your competitors.

The need for high-quality labels that speak to your brand’s identity and provide accurate information is vital for your brand’s reputation. KinsBrae Packaging offers various options of labels, including poly, paper labels, and tag stock. We also have hundreds of stock choices, no minimums, and offer any shape or style.

Types of Labels

Poly Labels – For wine or craft beer products, poly labels are the ones that should first attract your attention. In recent years, labels have become an art form incorporating amazing colours and designs. Our poly labels are meant to last for years to come, offering sharp finishes and vibrant colours that won’t lose their beauty or rich detail.

Paper Labels – Paper labels are among those that have been around for centuries. They are the least expensive labelling material available but the ones today definitely aren’t the traditional bland and boring ones that adorned products throughout history. Today you can choose from an almost endless variety of paper stock to help your product stand out. We also offer wet strength papers that possess properties allowing them to resist wetness to retain their strength after complete water immersion.

Tag Stock – Also known as hangtags, tag stock can allow you to create a simple yet attractive strategy for displaying information on your products. When using hand tags on your products in a retail setting, you can create a popular, eye-catching addition to your products. Instead of wrapping your product in excess packaging, a simple hangtag offers a subtle yet effective packaging solution.

Convey Your Brand’s Message

Offering a quality label that conveys your brand’s message is important to us here at KinsBrae Packaging. We understand the need to stand out amongst your competitors through marketing, and a label is an important part of branding. The label is your consumer’s first impression of your product, so it should be impressive and memorable. To learn more about our custom packaging labels, contact us today! We go beyond the traditional packaging supplier with a relentless focus on providing our customers with what they need as a total solution.

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