KinsBrae Packaging Introduces the Environmentally Friendly Eco-Ring

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Six-pack rings have long been known as a threat to marine wildlife. In part, this has helped environmental groups lobby the government to make changes to packaging requirements in Canada. The government now has a plan for the future which involves a ban on familiar items such as grocery bags, cutlery, and straws by the end of 2021. As this ban on harmful single-use plastics gets rolled out, companies are left to find other options such as paper straws and eco-rings.

Six Items Banned

The government chose to start the ban with the six items because they frequently become litter, are difficult to recycle, and have readily available alternatives that companies can acquire. Along with these six items, the government plans to expand the ban to include stirring sticks, six-pack rings, and take-out containers made from hard-to-recycle plastics such as polystyrene. 

As these government-mandated measures are put into place, many in the beverage industry are left wondering what options they have for six-pack rings. KinsBrae Packaging is committed to bringing sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally conscious packaging options to those who are looking for something new. 

The New Eco-Ring Product

To meet the needs of our customers, KinsBrae Packaging has developed an eco-ring product, E6PR, which provides a solution to beverage companies needing an ecologically responsible packaging option. Our team of engineers and designers created the E6PR in response to the devastating impact that standard plastic ring packaging has on the environment. This eco-ring solution offers companies a cost-effective way to package their cans without causing any potential harm to marine wildlife. 

Some of the key features of this incredible innovation include:

Eco-Friendly Materials – The EcoRing is manufactured using the food and beverage industry’s by-products and waste. 

Not Petroleum-Based – Our eco-friendly E6PR uses no materials from refined oil, allowing beverage companies to reduced their carbon footprint. 

Digestible Ingredients – If accidentally ingested by wildlife, our eco-rings are easily digested, making it a safe alternative to the traditional plastic rings. 

Durable and Long-Lasting – Although made from biodegradable materials, the E6PR is not any less durable. The packaging is also still an excellent option for long-term storage in a warehouse if needed. 

Versatile for Your Needs – The EcoRing comes in more than one size to meet your needs. Besides the standard six-ring design, we also offer a four-ring option for smaller size bundling. 

Socially Responsible – By using an eco-friendly packaging solution like E6PR, you are sending a message to your customers that your organization cares about the earth and its precious wildlife. 

Completely Biodegradable

The E6PR is entirely biodegradable and will completely break down in approximately 200 days. Made with all organic materials, the EcoRing can help free up space in landfills, and they won’t be a problem in the world’s oceans, harming wildlife as some other packaging solutions do. 

The EcoRing is constructed with non-toxic materials and has been tested by Avomeen Analytical Services. They have been certified to have no pesticides or volatile substances, and they align with EPA standards for biodegradability and ASTM standards for a bio-based product. 

With the government shifting focus to environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging, it is time for those in the beverage industry to use eco-friendly six-pack rings. Our team at KinsBrae Packaging has made it easy and cost-effective to make the switch to the E6PR six-pack EcoRings. Contact us today to learn how your company can do its part by using eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

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