Design Trends for Craft Beer Cans

While the most important element for any craft brewer is the beer, how it is packaged is becoming almost as important. The craft beer market has always prided itself on being unique in the taste of their beer and the designs on its packaging. Custom packaging sleeves and eco-friendly 6 pack rings have helped craft beer companies with their branding messages.

Craft brewers want their designs to be noticeable and memorable. They need their cans to stand out from the crowd because the market is rapidly growing, creating more competition daily. There has been strong demand for locally made beer from independent breweries in the last few years, leading to a new record high being operated across the country.

While Brewers continue to introduce innovative new styles and flavours, they still need the packaging to help them stand out from the crowd.

Brand Focused Designs

Over the past few years, brand loyalty has become more prevalent with consumers, leading companies to focus on increasing brand awareness through labels and packaging. Product names should be front and center, and the brand’s personality should be showcased well to grab the buyer’s attention and offer transparency into what the beer offers. The label should include the beer style and a brief, catchy tagline description to let the drinker know exactly what is to be expected of the beer.

Many brewers can create a delicious brew but need to differentiate between what makes them unique from the other breweries out there. It is vital to communicate your brand’s story in value in a unique way that gives consumers a compelling reason to choose your beer over the others.

Creating unique and different packaging for craft beer could include custom packaging sleeves or eco-friendly 6 pack rings. The idea is to be innovative and provide the ultimate experience for your customer.

Is It The Right Message?

It is important to do your due diligence, plan, look and re-look at your packaging before printing. Ask yourself if this conveys the messaging that you want your brand to relate to your consumer. You will want your design to be noticeable and memorable to convey your brand’s message and stand out while sitting on a shelf amongst the competition.

In some cases, advertising and branding your craft beer properly can make or break the business. The can’s sleeve is about so much more than pulling the customer’s eye to your product. While that is important, it can also give consumers a glimpse into what they can expect when they take their first sip of one of your ports, loggers, sales, or stouts. You may have the world’s best beer, but if your packaging doesn’t match, you could miss out on finding new customers in the marketplace.

At KinsBrae Packaging, we provide custom packaging sleeves that offer a durable 360-degree area of advertising. We have partnered with SK manufacturing and Aesus to create the best cans sleeve equipment in North America. We offer versatile sizing, high-speed depalitization, and state-of-the-art design.

Our sleeves are also extremely durable, making them perfect for cold, dry, wet, and hot environments. This means a can sleeve beats out a label as your primary choice for advertising in every way. Contact our team today to learn more about our packaging options and how we can help your craft brewery stand out from the crowd.

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