Why Canned Wine Should be a Part of Your Party Planning

The holiday season is here, and it is time to party! This year, make your customer’s party planning easier with PortaVino aluminum wine bottles. Our bottles offer a premium look and feel while making it fun for a new generation of wine drinkers.

Everyone knows the amount of work that goes into planning a party, not to mention cleaning up after the party is over. But with PortaVino bottles, these duties can be made much easier. Imagine being able to offer your customers a convenient and easy way to consume your wine. With PortaVino, you can offer your customers just that, along with superior taste, thanks to our unique acrylic coating inside the can specifically formulated for wine.

On The Go Bottles

Our innovative aluminum bottle design allows for wine to be packaged in easy, convenient bottles that can be consumed easily on the go. Imagine telling your customers that they won’t have to worry about all those glasses to wash after a party!  Your customers will also appreciate that canned wine allows for portion control, reducing waste of leftover wine. Party goes will also never have to worry about carrying a corkscrew as our PortaVino cans are screwtops. 

Stay Competitive In The Market

Our unique wine packaging solutions can help brand your company and set you apart from competitors. The PortaVino Aluminum bottle offers a perfect design for those who want to portray sophistication in their brand. With endless customs sleeve options, your product can stand apart from others on the shelves. Sleeved cans are a great way to give your company the edge it needs to stay competitive in the market.

Don’t Get Left Behind

You may not realize it yet, but your customers are looking for an easier, more convenient way to consume your wine. Research shows that sales of wine in cans have jumped from just 2 million in 2012 to 183.6 million over the last ten years. As the fastest-growing segment of the market, customers are looking for a convenient way to consume wine in style. As more wine companies jump on the bandwagon, you don’t want to be left behind.

At first, millennials drove much of the canned wine sales, but businesses have now noticed that wine drinkers of all ages are drawn to the convenience of the packaging. Many winemakers now see canned wine as a way to reach new customers who have previously found traditional bottles too intimidating.

Made from sturdy, high-quality aluminum, KinsBrae’s PortaVino bottle comes in a 250-millilitre design. Created specifically for wine, this sophisticated design is aimed at those who enjoy their on-the-go lifestyles as much as their fine wines. 

The Market Is Ready

It’s easy to see that the market is ready for wine in a can. Consumers want a convenient way to consume a single serving of wine, and the PortaVino bottle offers a great option. As producers are becoming aware of canned wine in Ontario, they realize that they are less expensive and much lighter to transport; so many are hopping on board with this new trend.

This holiday season, give your customers the convenience they want with PortaVino aluminum bottles. At KinsBrae Packaging, we can offer advice on the best packaging solutions for your products. We offer a variety of innovative branding solutions and eco-friendly options that can help boost your wine sales this holiday season and into the new year. Contact us today!

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