Top Packaging Design Trends for Craft Beer Sleeving

No one can deny that craft beer is definitely having a moment. Originally started as an industry by beer enthusiasts for a niche clientele, craft beer consumption has now erupted to become one of the fastest-growing segments of alcoholic beverage sales. Since 2005 the craft beer industry revenue has grown by more than 300%.

Recent research has found that half of the people who drink craft beer do so because they like to try something new. Consumers can experiment with a large diversity of styles and taste profiles with craft beer. It was also recognized that the younger the consumers they may be more to choose craft beer based on the design of the sleeved cans.

Packaging Is Important

The most important element for any craft brewer is the beer, but in this age of visual images, undoubtedly, the package is almost as important. Craft brewers have never been an industry to shy away from quirky, bold packaging and new design trends suggest that the coming years are no exception.

When thinking of design options for craft beer, it is vital to stay on top of the current design trends to stay ahead of your competition. Whether you’re thinking of refreshing your brand or creating a whole new product, it is important to tap into some of the year’s biggest packaging design trends. By having custom packaging sleeves, your cans will stand out in the fridge amongst the competition.

The following are our top pics for packaging design trends for craft beer sleeving:

Feature A Mascot

Currently, one of the most popular elements in branding across all products is having story-driven packaging. Craft beer is no exception to this rule. Beer brands tend to do mascots well, and in the next year, sleeved cans for craft beer are expected to take this to the next level. Storytelling is part of any good branding and done well, it can communicate what you stand for and target your ideal customer. Overall using a mascot can help to convey a brand’s personality.

Bold Product Names

Having a product name on the can sleeve front and center is vital for branding. This is especially important for independent and craft breweries, as product-focused businesses should always consider ways to increase brand awareness.

Can sleeves should also include a description, for example, whether it’s an IPA or stout. Consumers want to be able to recognize a product that they may be looking for easily. A great way to showcase a piece of your brand’s personality is by including an unusual or quirky name on the sleeve.

Ink Drawings

Another design element that is currently trending is anatomical ink drawings. Super technical and precise illustrations have been grabbing consumers’ attention on many beer labels. These ink drawings have incredible detailing, making them look as if they were sketched by hand. This is a perfect match for the craft beer industry as the technicality of these drawings reflects the art that goes into the brewing process itself.

Colour Blocking

This design trend has been around for a while, but it seems not to be going anywhere soon as it is an easy way to catch the consumer’s eye. However, this trend is starting to get much more of a fluid feeling. Precise lines and solid colours are being replaced with softer, more uneven shapes and new textures. Unique colour combinations are also on-trend. These graphic designs can give the labels a surprising look and feel to make them stand out against competitors.

If you are looking for a unique way to build your brand and stand out amongst your competitors, our packaging solutions may be able to help. Our can sleeves provide a durable and unique 360-degree designable area that can help your product stand out from the crowd.

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