Are Shrink Sleeves Recyclable

At KinsBrae Packaging, we understand that businesses are looking for packaging solutions that are more eco-friendly. As the packaging market continues to evolve, new options become available, and we are happy to offer various options from aluminum wine bottles to eco-friendly 6 pack rings. Our custom packaging sleeves are also gaining popularity due to their versatile branding opportunities and eco-friendly options.

Caring For The Environment

Customers want to buy from businesses that care about the environment. It is becoming more important for each company to do its part to help protect the planet, and we understand that packaging solutions are needed to fulfill these needs.

At KinsBrae Packaging, we care about efficiency and making eco-friendly choices that are better for both your business and the planet. As proud partners with SKA packaging and AESUS, We use the latest in responsible packaging machines. This means you can enjoy quality and precision with a shorter turnaround time on your orders.

As for recyclable options, virtually every program in North America accepts aluminum cans, so our PortaVino wine cans make a great way to show your customers you care about the environment. Sleeved cans can also provide your business with 360 degree branding setting your product apart from others on the shelf.

Shrink sleeves have many advantages for brand owners, including a large advertising area, placement of information, and the ability to create decorative packaging. However, the downside for shrink sleeve labels is recycling. Currently, shrink sleeves are not currently recyclable. 

Recycling Issues

As sustainability and recycling issues continue to be a rising concern, the industry is becoming conscious of all parts of packaging that can no longer be recycled. Because shrink sleeves are typically made from heavier weight film, they do tend to cause problems in the recycling facilities. It is a complex problem in the recycling process, with issues showing up at different points, meaning there’s no single silver bullet solution.

As the industry works to find the right combination of factors to develop a shrink sleeve that can be fully recycled, here at KinsBrae Packaging, we do our best to offer various products that meet recycling and eco-friendly standards. The packaging world is always one of change, and with sustainability, as an ongoing issue, we are continuously working to find new environmentally-friendly solutions.

Overall, shrink sleeve labels offer a durable solution that can handle various temperatures so that moisture changes won’t affect the overall look of your product. With our shrink sleeve labels, you can rest assured your artwork and text will always remain crisp and clear as they were meant to be seen. Our poly labels are meant to last for years to come, offering vibrant colours and sharp finishes that won’t lose their beauty or rich detail. With their versatility and durability, shrink sleeves beat labels as your primary choice for advertising in every way.

We understand the need to stand out amongst competitors through marketing, and a label is a vital part of branding. The label can be your consumer’s first impression of the product, so it should be memorable and impressive. To learn more about our packaging solutions, contact us today! 

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