What Colours Show Up the Best on Cardboard?

Packaging is a crucial element for any business that sells a product. You want to package your items in attractive, eye-catching materials that look good on a shelf. One of the most common packaging materials is cardboard. While white cardboard is available, kraft brown cardboard is much more common. If you want to create appealing packaging with cardboard, it is important to understand which colours look best when you want to print your company logo on a brown background. Understand How Printing Colours Works You must understand how colours look different when they are created on a computer versus how

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Reasons To Invest in the Frugal Paper Bottle for Eco-Friendly Packaging

The climate crisis has reached a peak and people are taking drastic measures to reverse it. Individual efforts help the climate crisis, but businesses have an opportunity to make a larger impact on the environment. Many companies have adopted sustainable business practices and eco-friendly packaging materials in an attempt to combat climate change. Because many consumers are concerned about the state of the environment, they prefer to buy products from companies that use sustainable packaging. Companies must pivot to meet the needs of their customers, so investing in eco-friendly packaging is a good business practice. Eco-friendly packaging materials are not

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Choosing a Trendy Design for Canned Wine in Ontario

Product labels significantly impact sales, even for canned wine in Ontario. To make your brand the most popular on the shelf, you must put serious thought into the label design. The following are essential design aspects that can make your product stand out when used correctly. Learn About Your Audience The first step is learning about your audience. No matter what you’re designing, you must first understand the people you want to appeal to. For canned wine, that usually means younger generations, but the specifics depend on your company. The best approach to learning about your audience is data-driven research.

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Check out the New Frugal Bottle Available at Kinsbrae

With concern for the climate crisis at an all-time high, Kinsbrae Packaging is always looking for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options to add to our repertoire. We are proud to add the Frugal Bottle to our lineup of sustainable products. Ideal for packaging wine and spirits, these paper bottles are lightweight, recyclable and good at reducing carbon footprints, so if you are looking for alternative packaging solutions to glass bottles for your wine or spirits, Frugal Bottles are a great choice. Here are three reasons you should consider switching to paper bottles. The Look Unlike traditional wine and spirit bottles that

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