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What Is Thermal Transfer?

Custom packaging solutions are essential for branding, but how do you know which printing process works best? With today’s advancements in print technology, there are more options than ever for packaging labels, but few can compete with thermal transfer. Whether you are opening a new business or looking to upgrade your existing labels, thermal transfer printing has a lot to offer. What Is Thermal Transfer? Thermal transfer printing utilizes heat to adhere text and graphics to a label. The process requires several supplies: Sleeve material Thermal transfer printer Ribbon of resin- or waxed-based ink Unlike inkjet and other ink printers,

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The E6PR Eco Rings Are Durable and Long Lasting scaled

The E6PR Eco Rings Are Durable and Long Lasting!

Use Eco-Friendly Rings for Your Canned Items  Plastic waste does a great deal of harm to oceans and landfills worldwide. Plastics can take up to 500 years to decompose, which causes them to build up in the environment and harm land animals and marine life. Among the many sources of plastics are the plastic rings found around six packs of beer and soda cans. These items are a choking hazard for birds and other creatures, and they contribute to the use of refined oil, which can cause pollution. Fortunately, many companies recognize the damage caused by plastics and have developed

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Why Use Cans for Packaging?

You have many options for packaging your product. One of these is cans with custom packaging sleeves to make them your own. Even if you do not think about cans right away for your product, they could benefit you. Here is some information about the different types of cans as well as the pros and cons of using cans for packaging your product. What Different Types of Cans Are Available? There are several ways of categorizing different types of cans. One way is by size. The smallest kind of can is the Picnic size, also known as a Number One.

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Why the Beverage Industry Should Switch to E6PR Eco Rings

5 Reasons the Beverage Industry Should Switch to E6PR Eco Rings People have known about the dangers of plastic six-pack rings since the 1970s, remarkable considering the rings were only invented in the 1960s. Nevertheless, despite the dangers of the rings being known for decades, they continue to be used. Until recently, there was no real alternative. However, now eco-friendly six-pack rings are available. Unfortunately, because they are a new technological innovation, few beverage companies have adopted them, which means higher prices for the consumer when purchasing the product. However, if more beverage companies were to adopt E6PR rings, the

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