Banner Customers Will Love the Kinsbrae Portavino Aluminum Wine Bottle

Customers Will Love the Kinsbrae Portavino Aluminum Wine Bottle

KinsBrae Packaging is proud to offer a unique wine packaging solution that can help set you apart from competitors. The PortaVino aluminum bottle provides the perfect design for those who want to give wine in a can option but also want to portray sophistication in their brand.  Portavino aluminum bottles offer a convenient, approachable, and portable way to present your beverage without sacrificing quality. Following soda and beer’s footsteps, wines are now commonly becoming available in cans. But don’t let this packaging fool you. It is not a signal of lesser quality, nor does it mean the container will alter

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Banner Are Shrink Sleeves Recyclable

Are Shrink Sleeves Recyclable

At KinsBrae Packaging, we understand that businesses are looking for packaging solutions that are more eco-friendly. As the packaging market continues to evolve, new options become available, and we are happy to offer various options from aluminum wine bottles to eco-friendly 6 pack rings. Our custom packaging sleeves are also gaining popularity due to their versatile branding opportunities and eco-friendly options. Caring For The Environment Customers want to buy from businesses that care about the environment. It is becoming more important for each company to do its part to help protect the planet, and we understand that packaging solutions are

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Banner Are Eco Friendly Six Pack Rings Safe For Animals

Are Eco-Friendly Six Pack Rings Safe For Animals

At KinsBrae Packaging, we go beyond traditional packaging solutions because we understand the beverage industry is responsible for providing eco-friendly solutions in their packaging. One of the most problematic types of packaging for the beverage market has always been plastic six-pack rings. These plastic rings have devastated our oceans and marine wildlife. So, we created the eco-friendly six-pack rings in response to the standard beverage ring’s impact on the environment. The E6PR, as we like to call it, is a packaging solution that gives beverage companies a cost-effective way to package cans without the harmful effects of the traditional ring

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