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What are the Different Types of Plastics Used to Store Products?

Choosing a container for your product is a lot like choosing an outfit for your baby’s first photo shoot. You want it to be unique. You want it to be perfect. You want it to be memorable. You also don’t want it to go to waste when its useful life is over. Custom plastic packaging can showcase your product and improve your branding. It can also display your company’s eco-conscious side when you choose recyclable plastics. But so many container options can leave a business owner scratching their head. How do you decide which container is best for your products?

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Why Is Plastic Waste a Problem?

Approximately 40% of all plastic produced today is used for packaging that is used once then thrown away. Think of the plastic rings that hold together a six-pack of beverages. Even if you intended to, there is no way to reuse those rings for their intended purpose once the six-pack is gone. Companies use plastic packaging because it is convenient and cheap to make. However, it can have a significantly negative effect on the environment, particularly marine life.  In addition to recycling, one of the best solutions for decreasing plastic waste is replacing single-use plastic packaging with alternatives that are

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What are Some Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

What are Some Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard Packaging?

Corrugated cardboard packaging is a material used to make custom boxes in Canada and throughout North America. It consists of three layers. Also called pleated cardboard, the inner and outer two layers are flat, while the inner layer consists of fluting, an arched sheet of paper in a wavy pattern. Corrugated cardboard offers significant advantages as a packaging material. What Can Cardboard Be Used For? Corrugated cardboard is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes, including packaging, displays, art, construction, and insulation. Read more about some of the most common uses of corrugated boxes: Packaging:

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3 Reasons Why Shrink Sleeve Labels are Gaining Popularity

As the packaging market continues to evolve, new options become available. At KinsBrae Packaging, we offer various options, from aluminum wine bottles to eco-friendly six-pack rings. Although not new in the packaging space, shrink sleeves are one option that are becoming increasingly popular among many businesses.  Shrink sleeve labels are gaining popularity due to their versatile branding opportunities among other reasons. Here at KinsBrae Packaging, we believe there are three main reasons why this type of packaging is popular.  360 Degree Design Capabilities Shrink sleeve labels can provide complete container coverage. While other labels may be limited, this type can

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The Dangers of Plastic Six-Pack Rings

Similar to plastic straws, six-pack rings are often seen as the enemies of the ocean. Images of sea turtles with six-pack rings encircling their bodies have sparked a public backlash against these everyday items, and for a good reason. While they may only make up a small amount of plastic floating in the ocean, they are among some of the most dangerous to marine life. This is why many beverage companies are looking for eco-rings as a new way of packaging their cans.  Hundreds of Species Affected It has been estimated that 100,000 marine animals die after encountering plastic every

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What are Eco-Friendly Six Pack Rings Made From

Here at KinsBrae Packaging, we understand that we must look for eco-friendlier solutions in our packaging options. For decades, one of the most problematic types of packaging has been the plastic six-pack rings. These plastic rings are often seen as enemies of the ocean, and almost everyone has seen the images of marine animals with the rings encircling their bodies. So, we set out to find an option for eco-friendly six-pack rings. Responsible Packaging As a company, we are committed to bringing recyclable, sustainable, and environmentally conscious packaging options for our customers. Our eco-friendly six-pack rings product, E6PR is our

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