Our Story

It all starts with a name, or in this case 2! KinsBrae was named after Shawn’s 2 daughters, Kinsley, and Braelyn. Founded in 2014, originally only supplying labels and plastics, Kinsbrae quickly became a full provider of not only labels and plastics, but corrugate, boxboard, tapes, and more. By mid-2014 we moved into our first location in Waterloo and within 2 years we needed more space, so we moved to Cambridge where we worked out of 2 buildings over our 4 years there. We have since moved into our current 44,000 square foot facility in Cambridge, which gives us the space to service our customers better with warehousing and distribution, while investing in new and innovative technology. As we grow, we are committed to providing a positive, family-first, and inclusive environment for our team!

“I started the company because I wanted to be motivated to do something better in life. I named it after my daughters to remind me every day why I get up and go to work. To set an expectation to all people who work beside me that family comes first, and that’s why we come here – to provide a better life for our families.”
– Shawn Bonnick, President

The Kinsbrae team was built with the notion that when your coworkers feel like friends, the atmosphere is more enjoyable and motivating. Shawn was determined to create a space where everyone is encouraged to be creative, successful, innovative, and growth centered.

Our Vision

To be a full-service provider of custom and sustainable packaging solutions for small, medium, and large companies. By employing experience, innovative approaches, and investing in state-of-the-art technology, we aim to supply packaging that will increase our customers’ sales.

Our Mission

As leaders in sustainable packaging, we strive to be a full-service outlet that offers innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions to a variety of markets, while delivering exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing a family-first culture to our team and to continue to support our communities.

Our Values

Family is the number one
reason that Kinsbrae Packaging
was started. The desire to
create a better world for our
children and provide a
family-first atmosphere within
our team is at the forefront of
our company's values.

We are committed to our
planet, and as we continue to
do our part to help preserve this
earth by reducing waste and
producing eco-friendly
packaging, we are committed
to finding other approaches
that we can implement to make
a positive impact on the

Supporting our community is
extremely important to us.
Community isn’t just local, it is
the people we work with, the
places we visit, and the people
we live beside. Community is a
crucial part of our success, and
we value everyone that is a part
of our community!

We strive to provide innovative
products that are cost-effective
and made with the highest
quality of materials. By
investing in ultramodern
equipment, we can achieve the
premium services that we are
committed to deliver.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Our dedicated team of knowledgeable experts will ensure that your project is completed on time and that it is perfectly executed. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service from start to finish, whether it’s your first project with Kinsbrae, or your 100th, your satisfaction is our top priority.

We are pleased to work with companies of all sizes from start-up to mid-size, to large established brands, we welcome everyone! We are a full-service outlet, and our goal is to supply you with all your packaging needs, at the right price, so you know who you are working with and what you are getting, every time you work with us.

There is no project that is too big or too small and we look forward to collaborating with you on your next project!

• We deliver industry leading turnaround times.
• We offer competitive pricing.
• We provide outstanding customer service.
• We offer in-house design services.
• We invest in state-of-the-art equipment.
• We have over 35 years of packaging experience.
• We service a variety of industries. 

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